Who is TobyMac married to?

Who is TobyMac married to?

Amanda Levy McKeehanm. 1994

What happened to Moses McKeehan?

He was found dead at his home in Nashville on October 23, 2019, at age 21 of an accidental drug overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines. On January 10, 2020, after a hiatus from touring to be with family, TobyMac released “21 Years” as a tribute to his son.

Why is Moses McKeehan in a wheelchair?

In a loving birthday message to his on his 20th birthday, TobyMac took to Twitter and shared a candid pic of Truett wheeling his younger brother, Moses, who has muscular dystrophy, in his wheelchair.

What is TobyMac’s real name?

Kevin Michael McKeehan
TobyMac/Full name

What happened to Toby Mac’s 21 year old son?

In October, TobyMac’s son, Truett Foster McKeehan, died. He accidentally overdosed on fentanyl and amphetamines, according to autopsy and toxicology reports. He was 21 years old.

What did Toby Mac’s son autopsy reveal?

A recently released autopsy, conducted Oct. 24 by Davidson County Medical Examiner Feng Li, shows McKeehan died as a result of “acute combined drug intoxication.” His manner of death was accidental. In the report, Li said McKeehan had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as possible nitrous oxide use.

Why did DC Talk really break up?

In 2000, the members announced that they would be taking a break from the group to pursue solo efforts. They released Solo: Special Edition EP, which contained two new songs from each member’s solo ventures and a live version of the U2 song “40” performed by all three members.

Does TobyMac have son?

Truett McKeehan
Judah McKeehanMoses McKeehanLeo McKeehan

TobyMac’s son, Truett McKeehan, died of fentanyl, amphetamine overdose.

What happened to Toby Mac sister?

Christian artist TobyMac’s sister, Kristen McKeehan Carroll, passed away on the morning of September 3, 2020 at the age of 52. Kristen was one of four siblings, and had six children of her own. Less than a year ago TobyMac and his family lost their first born son, Truett Foster McKeehan to an accidental overdose.

How old is Dave Crowder?

50 years (November 29, 1971)
David Crowder/Age

Did Jordan Feliz lose a child?

Written in part about the miscarriage Feliz and his wife suffered before they had their daughter Jolie and son Judah, the song explores the universal sentiment of loss—something he had just experienced days before penning the cut, first with the unexpected death of his cousin and then with the passing of an aunt.

Who is Toby McKeehan’s wife Amanda Levy?

Amanda Levy Mckeehan was born on 9 January 1971, in Jamaica, and is noted primarily for being the wife of Toby Mckeehan, otherwise known as TobyMac. Her husband is a musician, best known for his contributions to Christian hip hop. He’s been releasing music since the early 2000s, and has won numerous awards for his work.

What happened to Toby McKeehan’s son?

It was an especially meaningful experience when Toby got to baptize his son. Moses gave his life to Christ at church earlier this year, something Toby and Amanda had been praying for. The family is facing the challenges of Moses’ disability in typical McKeehan form: turning to God and pulling together to face whatever comes.

Did Amanda McKeehan use the nuclear option on TobyMac?

Every successful married couple has to find ways to navigate and negotiate their similarities and differences. Toby (TobyMac) and Amanda McKeehan have the added challenge of differing cultural customs. Amanda McKeehan reached into her rhetorical arsenal for the nuclear option.

How did TobyMac and Amanda Levy meet?

Amanda Levy met TobyMac in Jamaica in the early-1990s, as Toby frequently visited the country. The two often spend time in Jamaica as her husband also loves the culture there.