Who is the MLA of Gautam Buddha Nagar?

Who is the MLA of Gautam Buddha Nagar?

It is located in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district which has three assembly seats namely, Noida (61), Dadri (62) and Jewar (63). Noida falls under the Gautam Buddh Nagar Lok Sabha constituency. Pankaj Singh (son of Rajnath Singh) is the present MLA of Noida since March 2017.

Is Noida and Gautam Budh Nagar same?

Noida is located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh state India.

How many wards are there in Noida?

Noida city has 2988 housholds and town is divided into 1 wards. Noida city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

What is the tehsil of Noida?

Gautam Buddha Nagar district

Gautam Buddh Nagar district
Division Meerut
Established 6 September 1997
Headquarters Greater Noida
Tehsils Sadar (Noida) Dadri Jewar

How many tehsils are there in Gautam Buddha Nagar?

There are 3,27,090 houses in the district. The Gautam Buddha Nagar district is further divided in to Tehsils / Blocks / Community Development Blocks (C.D….List of Blocks (CD) / Tehsils in Gautam Buddha Nagar.

# 2
Tehsil (CD Block) Gautam Buddha Nagar
Area (km²) 333
Population (2011) 3,16,790

Who is the MP of Greater Noida?

Mahesh Sharma
Constituency Noida
Personal details
Born 30 September 1959 Manethi village, Alwar district, Rajasthan, India
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party

Does Noida extension comes under Gautam Budh Nagar?

The government of Uttar Pradesh decided to develop another city as an extension to Noida with better planning. During the 1990s, the Noida extension (now a part of Gautam Buddh Nagar) became what is today known as Greater Noida.

Is Noida safe for girls?

Noida is a part of Uttar Pradesh and it is as safe as the rest of India is. The way of living is not different at all. Everything is mostly similar as in other cities of U.P. Being a girl if you wear dresses, they will stare at you until you feel uncomfortable.

How many cities are there in Gautam Budh Nagar?

Gautam Buddha Nagar Tehsil – Gautam Buddha Nagar

# Town Population
1 Greater Noida Census Town 102,054
2 Dankaur Nagar Panchayat 13,520
3 Bilaspur Nagar Panchayat 8,980
4 Kherli Hafizpur Census Town 7,932

How many villages are there in Gautam Budh Nagar?

Tahsil-wise List

Sl No Tahsil Total Villages
1 Dadri 116
2 Gautam Buddha Nagar 122
3 Jewar 95

How many tehsils are there in Gautam Budh Nagar?

How many blocks are there in Gautam Budh Nagar?

Gautam Buddha Nagar District is divided into 6 Blocks , Panchayats , 858 Villages….

City Name District Name Total Covid cases
Gautam Buddh Nagar Gautam Buddha Nagar 1

How many constituencies are there in Gautam Buddh Nagar?

It has five Legislative Assemblies (Vidhan Sabha) – Noida, Dadri, Jewar, Sikandrabad and Khurja which is a reserved (SC) Assembly seat. Shri Surendra Singh Nagar of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) of the Gautam Buddh Nagar Parliamentary constituency.

What is the difference between Gautam Buddha Nagar and Dankaur and Jewar?

District GautamBuddha Nagar includes Dadri and Bisrakh blocks carved out of gaziabad, while Dankaur and Jewar blocks have been carved out of Bulandshahar District. 18 other villages from Bulandshahar have also been carved out and have been included in Dankaur and Jewar.

Who is the present district magistrate of Bulandshahr?

Presently Shri A V Rajamouli (IAS) is the District Magistrate (DM) and Sushri Nidhi Kesarwani (IAS) is the DM of Bulandshahr. While Shri Akhilesh Yadav is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Shri B L Joshi is the Governor of the state.