Who is the best female bass player?

Who is the best female bass player?

10 of the Best Female Bass Players Ever

  • Suzi Quatro.
  • Kim Gordon.
  • Tal Wilkenfeld.
  • Kim Deal.
  • Rhonda Smith.
  • Tina Weymouth.
  • Melissa Auf der Maur.
  • Abby Travis.

Are there any female basses?

In recent decades, female bass guitar players have made significant contributions across various music genres. A number of female bassists are working as session musicians. In recent times, female bass players have floored guitar music fans with their technical skills.

What percentage of bass players are female?

Among Double Bass Players, 14.9% of them are women compared to 84.3% which are men….Double Bass Player Statistics By Gender.

Gender Percentages
Male 84.3%
Female 14.9%
Unknown 0.8%

Why are there so few female bass players?

There is a shortage of bass players generally (probably due to lack of interest/challenge), so you see more females on bass than most instruments. The low rumbling of an amplifier probably does something for them.

Who is the female bass player for Sugarland?

Jennifer NettlesLead Vocals
Kristian BushAcoustic guitarKristen Hall

Who was the first female bass player?

Suzi Quatro is widely considered to be the first female bassist to become a mainstream rock star. She was definitely a trailblazer when it came to kicking down doors for other female bass players (and musicians in general).

Are bassists quiet?

Bass players are often quiet and humble persons who don’t seeking praise and glamour. But while some bassists do feel they get less attention and recognition compared to other musicians in the band, others don’t feel that way and are happy with the way the public and their band mates treat them.

How long does it take to become a good bassist?

It should take you about six months to be able to play the bass guitar comfortably. This includes being able to play scales and basic bass lines with proper fingering. But to truly master the bass, it could take years of steady practice, maybe even a lifetime.

Who is Maren Morris female bass player?

Annie Clements
I’m Annie Clements, touring bassist and vocalist. If you’re reading this I’m guessing you saw me on stage with an artist whose show you hopefully enjoyed (such as Maren Morris or my band Side Piece) and maybe thought to yourself “What’s with that girl up there playing bass?

Is Annie Clements still with Sugarland?

Post-Berklee, Annie went back to New Orleans and toured with artist Theresa Anderson (Sweden) and recorded an album with Sons of William. Since she joined Sugarland and left New Orleans, Nashville has been home.

Who is Jeff Becks female bass player?

Tal Wilkenfeld
Tal Wilkenfeld (born 2 December 1986) is an Australian singer, songwriter, bassist and guitarist whose career began performing alongside artists including Jeff Beck, Prince, Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock and Mick Jagger.

Are bass players failed guitarists?

Bassists are by no means failed guitarists. If anything, they’re musicians first, bassists second. There are three basic types of bassists in the world. Some fit in more than one category, and others fit in none, but by and large, you’ll see these types of people playing the fat strings.

Who is the best female bass player ever?

Best Female Bassists: An Essential Top 25 Countdown 1: Carol Kaye (The Wrecking Crew) 2: Esperanza Spalding 3: Meshell Ndegeocello 4: Tal Wilkenfeld 5: Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club) 6: Rhonda Smith (Prince, Jeff Beck) 7: Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) 8: Gail Ann Dorsey 9: Laura Kennedy

How old is Carol Kaye the bass player?

Carol Kaye (nee Smith, born March 24, 1935) is an American musician. She is one of the most prolific recorded bass guitarists in rock and pop music, playing on an estimated 10,000 recordings in a career spanning over 50 years.

What kind of bass does Kaye Sallis play?

Kaye’s main instrument during the 1960s was the Fender Precision Bass, though she also used the Danelectro bass on occasion. During the 1970s, she sometimes used the Gibson Ripper Bass, and in the 21st century she has used an Ibanez SRX700 bass.

How old was Kaye Graziano when she started playing guitar?

At age 13, Kaye received a steel string guitar from her mother, and began teaching professionally the following year. She began playing sessions in jazz clubs around Los Angeles.