Who is Shahzad Malik?

Who is Shahzad Malik?

Shehzad Malik (born 8 April 1978) is a Pakistani first-class cricketer who played for Sialkot cricket team.

Who is Ahmad Shahzad wife?

Sana Ahmadm. 2015
Ahmed Shehzad/Wife

How old is Ahmed Shehzad?

30 years (November 23, 1991)
Ahmed Shehzad/Age

What is the age of Umar Akmal?

31 years (May 26, 1990)
Umar Akmal/Age

What happened to Ahmed Shahzad?

Ahmed Shehzad Fined For Ball-Tampering By Pakistan Cricket Board, Claims Innocence. Ahmed Shehzad was fined by the PCB after he was found guilty of changing condition of the ball (non-identification) during a Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match.

Is Ahmed Shehzad Pathan?

Shehzad was born on 23 November 1991 in the city of Lahore. He belongs to a Pashtun family and is fluent in Pashto.

Who is Mohammad Amir wife?

Narjis Khatunm. 2016
Mohammad Amir/Wife

Is Babar Azam getting married?

According to sources, Babar Azam is engaged to his paternal cousin to get married but a date for the wedding has not been finalised yet. Watch the video of Babar Azam answering questions here… Babar recently led his team into the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021 in the UAE.

What is the relation between Umar Akmal and Babar Azam?

Akmal is the younger brother of former Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Kamran Akmal, who played 53 Tests, 58 T20s, 157 ODIs, and cousin of current captain Babar Azam. Akmal, who last played for Pakistan in October, has featured in 16 Tests, 121 ODIs and 84 T20s, scoring 1,003, 3,194 and 1,690 runs respectively.

Is Mohammad Amir retired?

Mohammad Amir (Urdu: محمد عامر; born 13 April 1992) is a Pakistani cricketer who played for the Pakistan national cricket team between 2009 and 2020. Amir retired from international cricket in December 2020. Although on 14 June 2021, he stated that he is ready to return to the national team.