Who is Rajkumar (Rajkumar)?

Who is Rajkumar (Rajkumar)?

Singanalluru Puttaswamy Mutturaju (24 April 1929 – 12 April 2006), known mononymously by his stage name Rajkumar was an Indian actor and singer in the Kannada cinema.

Why are Kannada movie dialogues so special?

It is the dialogues which connects the audience to the story being narrated on the silver screen. Unlike Bollywood, down here in South India, people has developed an emotional connect with the characters and so is the dialogues delivered by them. We are here with such iconic kannada movie dialogues that will live on forever as our favourites.

What are some of the Kannada songs that Rajkumar has performed?

During his career, Rajkumar sang and performed for songs about Kannadigas, the Kannada language and culture, such as “Jenina Holeyo” from Chalisuva Modagalu, “Maanavanagi Huttidmele” from Jeevana Chaitra and “Huttidare Kannada” from the film Aakasmika.

Who is known as Kumara Thrayaru of Kannada cinema?

Rajkumar along with his contemporaries Udaya Kumar and Kalyan Kumar were referred as the Kumara Thrayaru of Kannada cinema. He acted in 36 films with Udaya Kumar and in 5 films with Kalyan Kumar.

What are the films of Punith Rajkumar?

Punith’s films are commercially successful including Vamishi (2008), Jackie (2010), Hudugaru (2011), Anna Bond (2012). The list of Punith Rajkumar films in Kannada cinema including as child artists, Cameo appearances, and lead roles. Note: Some recent movies are still filming or yet to be released.

Did you know Rajkumar also sang in Kannada movies?

An accomplished singer, Rajkumar often sang for his own films in the latter part of his career. He had a minimum of ten releases in each of the years from 1963 to 1971. He held the record for highest releases as a lead in a single year (16 in 1968) in Kannada movies for 24 years until it was broken by Malashri.

How many songs has RJ Rajkumar sung in movies?

Rajkumar has sung approximately 300 songs in movies and an excess of 400 devotional (non-film) songs in Kannada. This is a partial list of the songs he recorded for films.