Who is Phyllis Robertson?

Who is Phyllis Robertson?

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Louisiana family from the hit reality series Duck Dynasty. On May 28, 2020 he revealed on his podcast “Unashamed” that he had recently determined he has a 45-year-old daughter from a decades-old affair.

How does Miss Kay feel about Phil’s daughter?

Miss Kay’s reaction: ‘I always wanted a daughter’ “I said, ‘I’m not worried. She’s pretty much been the best of us since day one.” Phil said: “Miss Kay warned me: ‘Someone will come out of your past I think it will be a son,’ but in this case she said, ‘I’m so glad it’s a girl.

Who is Phyllis Robertsons mother?

Phyllis Robertson Welcomed By Her Father and Siblings It featured a beach snapshot of the 22-year-old along with her mom Korie Robertson, her sisters-in-law, and Phyliss, 45. Korie, who is the wife of Phil’s son Willie Robertson, also took to social media to share the post, writing: “We have a new sister!

Are Phil and Kay still married?

Phil Robertson married his wife, Kay, in 1966. They are still married.

Who is Phyllis Robertson’s mother?

Does Phil Robertson have a daughter out of wedlock?

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson admits to fathering out-of-wedlock daughter during 1970s. Looks like the “Duck Dynasty” family isn’t all it’s quacked up to be. “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson, a devout Christian, admits that he fathered a daughter he never knew existed more than 45 years ago.

Who is Phil Robertson’s daughter?

He later became a devout Christian and is a member of and elder at the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe. He is a father of four sons; Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jules Jeptha Robertson, Alan Robertson and now he has discovered he has a daughter known as Phyllis.

How did the woman find out Phil was her dad?

Her results showed that her two siblings were actually “my half-siblings.” A deeper dive into her ancestry led her to believe Phil was her dad. She sent two letters in an attempt to reach Phil — one to the family’s church, another to the family Duck Commander business — and when she didn’t hear back, decided to hand-deliver a third to church.

How did Phil and Phyllis from Duck Dynasty meet?

Phil readily agreed to a DNA test and Phyllis was retested by the same company. They were a match and a meeting between them was initiated. Phyllis said she had heard of Duck Dynasty the show, which ran from 2012 to 2017, when Phil’s anti-gay and racist comments led to the show being canceled.

How did Phyllis’s half-siblings find out they’re actually her half siblings?

Married with two sons, one of her boys was gifted a DNA test three years ago and the genealogy results weren’t “matching up” with what she was told about her heritage, she recalled. That led Phyllis’s siblings to take DNA tests — and she followed. Her results showed that her two siblings were actually “my half-siblings.”