Who is on the obverse side of a half dollar?

Who is on the obverse side of a half dollar?

John F. Kennedy
The half dollar is the United States’ 50-cent coin. The person on the obverse (heads) of the half dollar is John F. Kennedy, our 35th president.

What year half dollars are worth money?

Circulated coins minted from 1964 to 1970 derive most of their value from their silver content. From 1965 to 1970 the silver content was reduced from 90% (in 1964 dated coins) to 40% silver. The popularity of collecting Kennedy half dollars is beginning to increase.

What makes a 1973 half dollar rare?

The 1973-S date from the quarter is visible below the 1973-S date from the Kennedy Half. Proof double denomination mint errors are so rare that there are only a few known. A few broadstrikes, off-centers, double strikes (in collar), and off-metals have been known to be found in sealed Proof sets.

Are 1971 silver half dollars?

1971 was a very important year in the Kennedy Half Dollar Series. Prior to this year, Kennedy Half Dollars were made of 90% silver in 1964 and 40% silver from 1965 til 1970. Removing silver from the 1971 Kennedy Half Dollar also marked the end of any coin in circulation containing silver.

Are Kennedy half dollars still made?

The Kennedy half dollar, first minted in 1964, is a fifty-cent coin currently issued by the United States Mint. Intended as a memorial to the assassinated 35th president of the United States John F. Kennedy, it was authorized by Congress just over a month after his death….Kennedy half dollar.

Years of minting 1964–present

Which Kennedy half dollars are worth the most?

A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Snatches A World-Record $108,000! A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar sold for a world record $108,000, making it the most expensive coin of its type, during a public auction of rare U.S. coins held Thursday, April 25, 2019, by Heritage Auctions.

What makes a 1971 half dollar rare?

Rare 1971-D Kennedy Half Dollar Planchet Error This is a major mint error as all 1971 Kennedy Half Dollars were to be made with 75% copper and 25% nickel planchets. This error most likely happened when some older 40% silver planchets got stuck in the bins used to move raw planchets to the striking machines.

What is a 1966 Kennedy half dollar worth?

The 1966 half dollar with no mint mark is worth around $6 in uncirculated condition with a grade of MS 63. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $75. Note: There were no half dollar proof coins minted for this year.

What is the error on the 1974 half dollar?

A production error occurred on the obverse coin die in 1974. The letters on the coin appear to be doubled. The doubling is especially evident in the letters in TRUST on the obverse.

Are half dollars still made in 2021?

Each 2021 Kennedy Half Dollar Two-Roll Set contains 40 coins with circulating finishes—one roll of 20 coins minted at the Philadelphia Mint and one roll of 20 coins minted at the Denver Mint….Kennedy 2021 Half Dollar, 2-Roll Set.

Denomination: Half Dollar
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia – P Denver – D

What is on the reverse of a half dollar coin?

The Presidential Seal appears on the reverse (tails). The Mint made the first half dollar in 1794 of silver. The designs from 1794 to 1947 showed a woman symbolizing liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. 1947 was the last year that Liberty appeared on a U.S. circulating coin.

What does The Walking Liberty half dollar look like?

From 1916 to 1947, the Mint produced the “Walking Liberty” half dollar designed by Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman also designed the iconic Mercury dime. The obverse shows the figure of Liberty walking with her right arm extended and holding laurel and oak branches in her left.

Why is the mint mark on a half dollar blob?

In the middle of 1979, the mint replaced the obverse hubs for the Kennedy half dollars. Due to years of use, the punch used to put the mint mark on the hub became worn and made the mint mark look more like a blob than an “S.”. The new hub had a mint mark that was much clearer.

What happened to the half dollar with the Liberty Bell on it?

The reverse returned to the Liberty Bell until the last year of its design in 1963. In 1971, the Mint removed silver from the half dollar and the composition became copper-nickel clad. Since 2002, half dollars have been minted each year as part of annual coin sets and other numismatic products but not released into circulation.