Who is Erik Pauze?

Who is Erik Pauze?

Pauze (’88), is head gardener at 30 Rock and responsible not only for selecting the Christmas tree every year, but also for arranging the delicate process of transporting it to New York City.

Which city had the first Christmas tree?

Flanders says the “first decorated indoor tree” was recorded in 1605, in Strasbourg, decorated with roses, apples, wafers and other sweets, according to her research. Demand for Christmas trees was so high in the 15th century that laws were passed in Strasbourg cracking down on people cutting pine branches.

What is the true story behind the Christmas tree?

The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, where families set up a paradise tree in their homes on December 24, the religious feast day of Adam and Eve. They hung wafers on it (symbolizing the eucharistic host, the Christian sign of redemption).

Where does the Boston Christmas tree come from?

Nova Scotia donated a large Christmas tree to the city of Boston in thanks and remembrance for the help Boston Red Cross and the Massachusetts Public Safety Committee provided immediately after the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Another tree was sent in 1971, and every year since.

How does Rockefeller tree get picked?

Trees are traditionally donated to Rockefeller Center, which in turn donates the lumber after display. Pauzé and his team choose each year’s tree based on its heartiness and “Christmas tree shape,” as well as its ability to support the heavy ornaments.

Who is performing at the Rockefeller tree lighting 2021?

Who will perform at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting in 2021? One of the biggest names to be performing songs at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting in 2021 is Carrie Underwood. The former American Idol winner has cemented herself as one of the most beloved country singers of all time.

Are Christmas trees a pagan tradition?

Christmas trees did begin as a pagan tradition as early as the fourth century C.E., according to ABC News. European pagans were largely responsible for dressing their homes with the branches of evergreen fir trees in order to bring color and light into their dull winters.

What does the Bible say about a Christmas tree?

Leviticus 23:40 says: And you shall take on the first day the fruit of splendid trees, branches of palm trees and boughs of leafy trees and willows of the brook, and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God seven days. Some believe this verse means the tree is a celebratory symbol based on the worship of God.

Who started the Christmas tree tradition?

Christmas Trees From Germany Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles if wood was scarce.

Where did the Boston tree come from this year?

This year, the 60-year-old, 48-foot white spruce was donated by landowner L’Arche Cape Breton, a non-profit organization that creates safe, supportive homes and meaningful work for people with disabilities.

Why does Halifax give a tree to Boston?

Nova Scotia donates a tree to Boston every year as a token of gratitude for relief efforts by Bostonians after a munitions ship exploded in Halifax Harbor in 1917, killing or injuring thousands of people.

Why was tinsel once banned by the government?

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded in August 1971 that lead tinsel caused an unnecessary risk to children, and convinced manufacturers and importers to voluntarily stop producing or importing lead tinsel after January 1, 1972.

What is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular?

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is an annual Christmas stage musical produced by MSG Entertainment, which operates the Music Hall. A New York Christmas tradition since 1933, it features the women’s precision dance team known as the Rockettes.

What was the original name of Radio City Music Hall?

The International Music Hall later became the Radio City Music Hall. The names “Radio City” and “Radio City Music Hall” derive from one of the complex’s first tenants, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), which planned a mass media complex called Radio City on the west side of Rockefeller Center.

Is Radio City Music Hall the same as Rockefeller Center?

Radio City Music Hall is actually part of the Rockefeller Center complex, but most people in the modern-day associate Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Plaza as two seperate locations with their own iconic identities. Accessing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral or Rockefeller Plaza where the legendary Christmas Tree stands is easy and free.

How big is the proscenium at Radio City Music Hall?

The structures that housed the main stage became known as the prosceniums. The Radio City Music Hall Theater was built with a spectacular proscenium arch that stands sixty feet high and 100 feet wide. The stage itself is so large it could fit an entire Official NBA basketball court.