Who did Bernie Nolan play in the bill?

Who did Bernie Nolan play in the bill?

She left in 2002 to play Sheelagh Murphy in ITV’s police drama series The Bill. Her character Sheelagh had an affair with Des Taviner, their baby daughter then died and Des, who had killed six fellow officers, was beaten to death in custody.

What happened Bernie Nolan?

Bernie died following a long battle with breast cancer. The former lead singer of The Nolans was first diagnosed in 2010. She received an all-clear in 2012 after chemotherapy and a mastectomy. However, months later the disease returned and spread to her brain, bones, lungs and liver.

Where is Bernie Nolan buried?

Bernadette Therese “Bernie” Nolan

Birth 17 Oct 1960 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Death 4 Jul 2013 (aged 52) Weybridge, Elmbridge Borough, Surrey, England
Burial Blackpool Cemetery and Crematorium Poulton-le-Fylde, Wyre Borough, Lancashire, England
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Who was the lead singer in the Nolan sisters?

The Nolans
Nolan Sisters/Artists

Who is Maureen Nolan married to?

Ritchie Hoylem. 2010–2016
Maureen Nolan/Spouse

How many Nolan sisters are alive?

The Nolan sisters’ lives are like a well-loved soap opera Nolans Go Cruising featured Anne, 70, Maureen, 67, Linda, 62, and Loose Women star Coleen, 56. However, Denise, 69, was unable to join them. Bernie was tragically missed too, after dying aged 53 of cancer in 2013.

Is Bernie Nolan dead?

Deceased (1960–2013)
Bernie Nolan/Living or Deceased

Which Nolan sisters are still alive?

Was Bernie Nolan buried or cremated?

The funeral on July 17 will be followed a ceremony at a crematorium when Bernie’s ashes will be placed alongside those of stillborn daughter Kate. “She is buried in the children’s area so we are trying to sort the paperwork out so they can be together again,” explains Linda.

Who sang lead in the mood for dancing?

I’m in the Mood for Dancing/Artists
Bernie Nolan is most famous as the lead singer of hit Irish girl band The Nolans. Their most famous hit was I’m In The Mood For Dancing which reached the top three in 1980.

Who is Maureen Nolans partner?

Maureen Nolan/Husband

“I began to feel that was all I was – pretty.” Maureen is now more known for starring in musical theatre, especially her role in Blood Brothers. And she recently just starred in Menopause The Musical. She divorced her husband Ritchie Hoyle in 2016 after 28 years together – although they only married in 2010.

How many Nolan sisters are there?

The Nolans were a chart topping Irish girlband former of sisters Maureen, Coleen, Denise, Linda and Bernie. They were originally part of family band, The Nolan Family, which included their parents and two brothers. However, the girls broke away and released albums with just the five of them.

When did Laura Nolan leave the bill?

She left in 2002 to play Sheelagh Murphy in ITV ‘s police drama series The Bill, which she starred in until 2005. In 2006, Nolan took part in Channel 4’s series The Games.

Who did Nolan star in Brookside?

In 2000, Nolan joined the cast of Channel 4 ‘s soap opera Brookside as Diane Murray after being noticed by Paul Marquess whilst starring in Blood Brothers. She left in 2002 to play Sheelagh Murphy in ITV ‘s police drama series The Bill, which she starred in until 2005.

How old is Bernadette Nolan now?

Bernadette Therese Nolan (17 October 1960 – 4 July 2013) was an English-Irish actress, singer and television personality, formerly lead vocalist of the girl group the Nolans. She was the second youngest of sisters Anne, Denise, Maureen, Linda and Coleen. From the age of two, she was brought up in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

What happened to Anne Nolan and Linda Nolan?

At the end of October 2012, Bernie announced that the cancer had returned and had metastasised to her brain, lungs, liver and bones. Anne and Linda Nolan suffered from the disease in 2000 and 2006 respectively; both recovered. Nolan died in her sleep, at her home in Surrey, on 4 July 2013, aged 52.