Who bought Rfj?

Who bought Rfj?

Sonic Automotive
Sonic Automotive could become nation’s fourth-largest dealership after RFJ acquisition. Sonic Automotive Inc. has closed on its $700 million acquisition of RFJ Auto Partners Inc., a deal which could propel it to as high as fourth place, measured by annual sales, among the nation’s largest auto groups.

Who owns Rfj Auto?

RFJ Auto Partners, Inc./Parent organizations

What does Sonic Automotive own?

Sonic Automotive owns EchoPark Automotive, a used car dealership chain also based in Charlotte. EchoPark allows customers to look up competitors’ prices on mobile devices located throughout the stores. The first EchoPark location opened in the Thornton area of Denver, Colorado in 2014.

Where is Sonic Automotive headquarters?

Charlotte, NC
Sonic Automotive/Headquarters

Does Sonic Automotive ship cars?

Once you locate your desired vehicle, no matter where it is in the United States, we can assist you with the purchase! The dealership where you located the car will fed-ex the paperwork for you to sign and return. They will then ship your car to the closest Sonic dealership to you or to your front door.

How many dealerships does Sonic Automotive own?

Our franchised dealerships consist of 111 dealerships and 16 collision centers in major metropolitan areas across the nation.

How many locations does Sonic Automotive have?

How big is Sonic Automotive?

It is one of the largest privately owned auto retail platforms in the United States, with nearly 1,700 employees and a dealership footprint of 33 rooftops located in 7 states throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Southwest.

What does Sonic price mean?

That’s why each of our vehicles features a Sonic Price®: • Based on the selling price of identical vehicles in our community. • Accurate and in line with what you have researched. • A great way to eliminate the time-consuming, back-and-forth negotiation process.

Does Sonic Automotive negotiate?

It describes One Sonic-One Experience as a customer-centric sales process that is speedy and offers transparent, no-negotiation low pricing. Advisors who are there to “help you, not to sell you” present the cars.

How many dealerships does Sonic own?

What does no haggle pricing mean?

No-haggle car buying means you get the price for the vehicle you want to buy upfront. Many dealerships will publish these prices on their website, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay. Saving time is another benefit of this car buying process.