Which Go Ape has the longest zip wire?

Which Go Ape has the longest zip wire?

Go Ape Leeds
An Historic day out with a difference! Our Treetop Challenge course at Go Ape Leeds Castle boasts the longest zip wires in the South East! There are 5 zips in total, 2 of which are over a staggering 250m long!

Which Go Ape is the highest?

How high is Go Ape? The highest Go Ape course is at Glentrees and is 48 metres above ground at its highest point. Typically, Go Ape courses are about 12 metres high, but the highest Go Ape platform is 18m above ground at Go Ape in Grizedale Forest.

How long is the Screaming Eagle zipline?

2,500 feet long
Screaming Eagle is 2,500 feet long and goes 70-75 mph! This tour is a true aerial expedition! Tour time (including gear up): Approximately 3.5 – 4 hours long. Please Note: Tour INCLUDES the Forest Tour, Pattern Tour, and Pattern Plus Tour.

Is there ziplining in Indiana?

Indiana is home to many scenic zip lines that provide thrilling experiences for visitors of all age levels. If you aren’t quite ready to spread your wings fully quite yet, there’s also some more tame indoor ziplines in the Hoosier state.

Where is the longest zip wire?

Jebel Jais Flight
The world’s longest zip wire is opening in the United Arab Emirates on Friday. The Jebel Jais Flight lets thrill-seekers go at speeds of up to 150km/h (93mph) along a 2.8km (1.7-mile) cable weighing more than six tonnes.

How long is the Tree Top Challenge Go Ape?

Adventure Overview

  • Safety. Self Belay.
  • Duration. 2-3 hours.
  • Difficulty. Go Moderate / Hard.
  • Highest Platform. 9m.
  • Longest Zip. 140m.
  • Maximum Weight. 20.5 stone (130kg)
  • Minimum Age. 10 years old.
  • Minimum Height. 1.4m (4ft 7″)

Is Go Ape safe?

The reassuring thing about Go Ape is safety is paramount and the instructors certainly instil confidence in you. But as highlighted, your harness and the equipment you’re working with isn’t about making the job easier, it’s about keeping you and everyone around you safe.

What is the longest zip wire in the world?

What is the longest zipline in the world?

Toro Verde Adventure Park
Guinness World Records has officially named the Toro Verde Adventure Park, in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, as home to the world’s longest zip line. The new thrill ride measures approximately 7,234 feet long and stretches 1,200 feet above the ground.

How long does zip lining take?

How long is a zip line adventure? Answer: If you’re taking a tour, you’ll likely spend around 1 1/2 hours at the tour. It takes about 20 minutes to complete orientation and training. The canopy tour tends to take around an hour and a half to complete.

How many go apes are there?

We’ve made sure that every time you visit one of our sites, you’ll be WOW’ed and make memories that last a lifetime. Continue scrolling to browse all 35 Go Ape locations.

What’s the longest zip line?

Where are the longest zip wires in the UK?

Go Ape in Aberfoyle has two of Britain’s longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m long, flying customers 150 feet above the ground and over a 90 foot waterfall! Go Ape is set within the ancient forest of Alice Holt, famous for its oak trees which once supplied timber for navy ships.

How long does it take to climb a zipline in Indiana?

Our Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park in Indy takes scenic to new levels, literally, over 40 feet up into the woodland canopy. Our aerial adventure features thrilling views of the lush forests, numerous trails and water. The high-ropes course takes between 2-3 hours to complete.

Which is the best part of Go Ape?

Zipwires are the best part of Go Ape. Share. Go Ape is the award winning tree top forest adventure where you can swing in the treetops and speed down thrilling zip wires. Go Ape is an exciting course of rope bridges, Tarzan swings and crossings; all set up to 120 feet above the forest floor.

How high is the highest Go Ape platform?

Typically, Go Ape courses are about 12 metres high, but the highest Go Ape platform is 18m above ground at Go Ape in Grizedale Forest. This is my favourite place to Go Ape.