Which country has highest GDP per capita in PPP terms?

Which country has highest GDP per capita in PPP terms?

The table below lists countries in the world ranked by GDP at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita, along with the Nominal GDP per capita….GDP per Capita.

# 1
Country Qatar
GDP (PPP) per capita (2017) $128,647
GDP (nominal) per capita (2017) $61,264
vs. World PPP GDP per capita ($17,100) 752%

What is a good GDP per capita PPP?

PPPs can be expressed in the currency of either of the countries….Gross domestic product per capita based on purchasing-power-parity in current prices.

United States
2017 60,106
2018 63,056
2019 65,254
2020 63,416

Which country has highest PPP?

Ranked: Economies by GDP (PPP)

Rank Country GDP (2018, PPP)
#1 China $25.4 trillion
#2 United States $20.5 trillion
#3 India $10.5 trillion
#4 Japan $5.5 trillion

What is the difference between GDP per capita and GDP per capita PPP?

The two most common ways to measure GDP per capita are nominal and purchasing power parity (abbreviated PPP). In contrast, PPP is an attempt at a relative measure, taking factors of each country into consideration in order to put a number on a person’s standard of living within that country.

What is the rank of India in PPP?

Country Comparison > GDP (purchasing power parity) > TOP 20

Rank Country GDP (purchasing power parity) (Billion $)
1 China 25,360
2 United States 19,490
3 India 9,474
4 Japan 5,443

Is Dubai the richest country in the world?

Dubai began shipping oil in 1969 and before gaining independence from Great Britain in 1971, when it became one of the UAE’s seven emirates. The UAE is the third-richest country in the world, below Luxembourg at number two and Qatar at number one, with a GDP per capita of $57,744.

Is India a wealthy country?

The most significant component by far among most developed nations is commonly reported as household net wealth or worth, and reflects infrastructure investment….Total wealth by selected regions and countries.

Country (or region) Total wealth (USD bn) Share
Asia-Pacific 75,227 18.0%
China 74,884 17.9%
India 12,833 3.1%

What is China’s PPP?

GDP per capita PPP in China is expected to reach 17700.00 USD by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the China GDP per capita PPP is projected to trend around 18210.00 USD in 2022 and 18350.00 USD in 2023, according to our econometric models.

Is Bhutan middle income country?

Bhutan has become a lower-middle income country. While hydropower has provided a reliable source of growth, non-hydro sectors, facing constraints related to the country’s challenging investment climate including high trade costs and a small domestic market, remain less competitive.

Is PPP better than nominal?

GDP comparisons using PPP are arguably more useful than those using nominal GDP when assessing a nation’s domestic market because PPP takes into account the relative cost of local goods, services and inflation rates of the country, rather than using international market exchange rates, which may distort the real …

What is India’s share in global GDP?

As of 2021, India’s economy is $10.207 trillion (purchasing power parity) and accounts for a 7.19% share of world GDP (PPP).

What countries have the highest GDP per capita?


  • Singapore. The economy of small-but-mighty Singapore is driven in part by a business-friendly regulatory environment and a rapid period of industrialization in the 1960s.
  • Qatar.
  • Ireland.
  • Switzerland.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Norway.
  • United States.
  • Brunei.
  • Denmark.
  • What state has the most GDP?

    California has the largest GDP of any state, at $3,120,386,000,000, accounting for about 14.7% of the country’s total GDP. Texas follows with $1,772,132,000,000, abot 8.4% of the country’s total GDP. Here are the 10 states with the highest GDP: California (3,120,386 million)

    What countries use GDP?

    GDP is an important factor in reflecting the health of economy of a country. The best way to understand the economic growth and the position of a country is by knowing its GDP. The top countries by GDP are United States, China, Japan, Germany closely followed by United Kingdom, France & India.

    What country has the highest per capita income?

    Luxembourg is the country with the highest income per capita. In nominal GDP, Luxembourg comes out with the highest income per capita at roughly $88,000 US Dollars (USD). The number two country, Norway, comes well behind, at around $72,300 USD. Following Norway is Qatar with roughly $62,900 USD.