Which book should I read for Gpsc?

Which book should I read for Gpsc?

GPSC Books Apart from the above books, aspiring GPSC candidates are advised to read NCERT books and other important notes: NCERT Notes: Ancient Indian History Notes. NCERT Notes: Medieval Indian History Notes. NCERT Notes: Modern Indian History Notes.

Is Gujarati necessary for Gpsc?

The candidate must be graduated from a recognized University. The candidate must have basic knowledge of computers. Candidate must know Hindi/Gujarati/both.

Which language is best for GPSC exam?

The competitive GPSC Exams will be held in two languages – Gujarati as well as in English.

Which course is best for Gpsc?

10 Best Classes for GPSC in 2020

  • ENGLISH. Polity. Discussion on Practice Session for Polity.
  • ENGLISH. Syllabus & Preparation. Panchayatiraj for Binsachivalay (Part-3)
  • ENGLISH. Quantitative Aptitude. Maths.
  • HINDI. Syllabus & Preparation.
  • GUJRATI. Reasoning.
  • HINDI. Polity.
  • HINDI. Mock Tests.
  • ENGLISH. Gujarat Specific Topics.

Is GPSC exam tough?

Gpsc is making the exam increasingly difficult. As a gujarati one has command over gujarati as it is his mother tongue. So if you can prepare in English it can give you an edge over others.

How can I prepare for GPSC at home?

GPSC Preparation Tips – Do & Don’ts

  1. Do not skip the time of the revision,
  2. Do not go for any new topics at the very last moment.
  3. Sleep on time and eat only healthy food.
  4. Candidates must drink water properly.
  5. Do not take any stress.
  6. Do take small breaks of 5 minutes after every hour.
  7. Revise topics frequently.

What is DYSO?

Deputy Section Officer (DYSO)

Is GPSC tough?

Can I write Gpsc in English?

EXAM STRUCTURE OF GPSC GUJARAT ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES. The medium of the examination shall be English and Gujarati. Gujarati and English Papers in Main Exam shall be in respective Language only. In case of question of interpretation of syllabus, the interpretation of the English shall be final.

How can I clear my GPSC exam?

Which online class is best for Gpsc?

GPSC online: GPSC online is one of the Android app for preparation of competitive exam in Gujarat.

  • Study IQ: Online Coaching for GPSC. Study IQ is another online platform for the GPSC exam aspirants.
  • Toprankers. com:
  • Unacademy:
  • Gradeup: GPSC online coaching.
  • How should I start preparing for Gpsc?

    Study Material for GPSC Prelims

    1. GPSC Examination Books in Gujarati.
    2. Books in English.
    3. Yojana Magazine, Kurukshetra Magazine, The Hindu, Press Information Bureau (PIB)- Current Affairs.
    4. NCERT Books and its Notes must be with the candidates.

    What is the syllabus of Gujarati literature optional for UPSC Mains?

    The syllabus of Gujarati literature optional is well defined for UPSC Mains. The carefully outlined syllabus is the principle fascination of Gujarati Literature optional subject. If the aspirants have great clout in framing the Gujarati dialect, then they can pick Gujarati as their optional subject.

    What is the history of literature in Gujarat?

    Literature in Gujarat stands for its Literary tradition in the form of folk songs, narratives, theater and aphorisms. Traced back to the Sultanate period, the stories and messages evolved as they passed through generations, leaving behind versions of myth and legends.

    Who wrote the book “Gujarat ni loksanskruti”?

    Folk Culture of Gujarat book is written by Dr. Hasutaben Shashikant Sedani. This book is published by the University Book Production Board, Gujarat State. You can download here latest edition of pdf book “Gujarat ni Loksanskruti”. ડાઉનલોડ કરો ગુજરાતની લોકસંસ્કૃતિ બુક.

    What is “deshi rajyo Nu Vilinikaran” Gujarati PDF book?

    This “Deshi Rajyo Nu Vilinikaran” Gujarati PDF Book is very important for Upcoming GPSC Class 1&2, Dy So, Chief Officer, Clerk, Talati, Police Contable, PI and all other Class 3 competitive examination of Gujarat. Download PDF book of New Rashtriya Shiksha Niti 2020-21 PDF in Gujarati.