Which banjo strings are best?

Which banjo strings are best?

8 Best Banjo String Reviews and the Best Banjo String Brands

  • D’Addario Phosphor EJ69 5-String BRONE Banjo Strings.
  • Elixir Medium Banjo Strings w Polyweb Coating.
  • Martin Vega V730 Medium Banjo Strings.
  • Ernie Ball Earthwood Bronze Loop 5-String Banjo Strings.
  • D’Addario J60 Nickel 5-String Banjo Strings.

Can you put guitar strings on a banjo?

You can’t just use any guitar string on any banjo, because of the gauge, tension, and wound differences, you can severely damage the instrument.

What size are banjo strings?

Typical light gauge banjo strings can have diameters like . 009, . 011, . 013, 020wound, .

How much is it to restring a banjo?


Acoustic guitar $45
Electric bass $50
Violin $60
Mandolin $45
Banjo $50

What are the 5 strings on a banjo?

5-String Banjo

  • G, D, G, B, D. The most standard 5-string banjo tuning.
  • G, C, G, C, D. Often used in Old Time music, this is referred to as “Double C” Tuning because the banjo has two C strings.
  • G, C, G, B, D. This is referred to as “C” Tuning.
  • F#, D, F#, A, D.
  • G, D, G, C, D.
  • C, G, D, A.
  • G, D, A, E.
  • D, G, B, E.

How do you pick a banjo string?

The thumb and first two fingers of the right hand are used to pick the strings, this is called ‘Three finger picking. ‘ The other two fingers rest on the head of the banjo to give stability and support. The middle finger normally plays the first string – although you can play other strings with it if you want.

How often should you change banjo strings?

Banjo strings can last 3-5 years, but some musicians prefer to change them as often as once a month or once every couple of weeks.

How do I choose a banjo string?

Most banjos will come from the manufacturer with light gauge strings as they are easier to play. They also have a little bit more brightness to them. While heavier gauge strings will have a “fatter” tone – or little bit more tonal depth. They can be a bit warmer.

How many strings does a banjo have?


A five-string banjo
String instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 321.322-5 (Composite chordophone sounded by plectrum, finger picks, or the bare fingers)
Developed 18th century

What is the order of banjo strings?

The most common banjo type is a 5 string banjo and has a standard tuning in open G – the notes from the 5th string to the 1st are G, D, G, B, D. Find out alternate tunings and tunings for all other banjo types here.

Is the banjitar a real banjo?

The Banjitar is really just a guitar made like a banjo with the drum head giving its sound. I think the tuning and methods of playing the banjo, fingerpicking like Scruggs, or claw hammer, don’t work on the guitar banjo. So since it is neither tuned nor played like a banjo it doesn’t end up sounding like a banjo.

How many strings do most banjos have?

A banjo can have four or five strings. What is considered to be a key part of country and bluegrass music, the banjo was actually imported from Africa.

What is the price of a banjo?

On average, a banjo is going to cost anywhere from $50 used to as much as $3,000 for a higher end, five-stringed banjo. Mass produced banjos found online, such as Amazon.com, can cost about $100 to $250, while a hand-crafted banjo can cost upwards of $3,000, especially if it’s made from a higher quality material.

Is banjo similar to guitar?

Playing the banjo might look easy, however, it takes a lot of work in the beginning. Perseverance and patience are truly needed! If you play the guitar you have a good advantage with your left hand. Banjo chords are similar and simpler than the guitar.