Where is the fuel pump relay on a 94?

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 94?

It is located near the firewall on the driver’s side of the engine compartment.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1995 Ford Mustang?

It is in the relay pack right above the cooling fan near the radiator.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1993 Ford Mustang?

For 1986-91 Mustang year models, the Fuel Pump relay location is located under the driver’s seat area. This tends to be the usual location across the board. So, placement of this relay doesn’t get more in-depth until you get to the 1992-93 year models.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 94 Sonoma?

fuel pump relay is in glove-box.

Where is the fuel pump relay in a 1994 GMC Sierra?

The fuel relay is located on the passenger side fire wall, “near the top of the compartment under the relay cover,” according Haynes manuals. Mounted about 6 inches to the right of the fuel pump fuse, it’s black with five wires coming out of the bottom.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located?

In most car models, the fuel pump relay is located in a fuse box somewhere under your dashboard, but it can also be located in the fuse box in the engine bay. The engine’s or the dashboard fuse box is usually a long black box containing a fuel pump relay and various other fuses and relays.

What are the signs of a bad fuel pump relay?

How to tell if fuel pump relay is bad (6 Signs)

  • Check Engine Light (CEL) Illuminated. In most cases, the primary symptom is a check engine light.
  • High Mileage.
  • Long Starting Time.
  • Engine Performance Issues – Stalling, Idling, Acceleration, Not Starting.
  • Car dies while driving.
  • Silent Fuel Pump Noise.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 94 S10?

They are located forward of the center console, vertically between the radio and floor. Removing the lower dash panels makes access pretty easy. There are places for 3 relays. AFAIK, the far left is for factory fog lights, middle is for horn, right is fuel pump relay.