Where is Muna obiekwe from?

Where is Muna obiekwe from?

Muna Obiekwe/Place of birth

How old is Muna obiekwe?

36 years (1979–2015)
Muna Obiekwe/Age at death

When did Muna obiekwe died?

January 18, 2015
Muna Obiekwe/Date of death
Muna Obiekwe (born 1979) was a Nigerian actor. He was one of the most popular actors in Nigeria. On January 18, 2015, Obiekwe died from kidney disease. He was also the first cousin to Nigerian actor Yul Edochie.

How is Muna obiekwe related to Rita edochie?

Biography. Edochie was born in Anambra state, which is the south eastern part of Nigeria predominantly occupied by the Igbo people of Nigeria. Edochie has four children and is a grand-mother. She is the sister-in-law of Pete Edochie and aunt of both Yul Edochie and Muna Obiekwe.

Is Clem Onyeka dead?

Clems Onyeka/Living or Deceased

Who is Muna obiekwe wife?

Gift Obiekwem.?–2015
Muna Obiekwe/Wife

What killed Muna?

Yes, one of Nollywood super Actor, Muna Obiekwe died of a kidney disease but there are untold stories you really need to know about the death of the handsome actor who passed on January 18 2015.

Who is Pete Edochie first son?

1. Leo Edochie. Leo is the first son and child of the veteran actor and he has a great resemblance with the elderly film star. The middle-aged man is not in the limelight as he is not in the entertainment industry like his father.

Is Muna obiekwe married?

Muna Obiekwe/Spouse

Who is Ken’s father?

Eric Chukwuemeka Nwenweh
Ken Erics was born in Kano State, Northwest Nigeria on 28 February 1985 and is the sixth of seven children of Eric Chukwuemeka Nwenweh and Grace Ifeyinwa Nwenweh both of Enugwu-Ukwu in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria.

What happened to Muna Obiekwe?

Unfortunately, on 18th January 2015, Muna Obiekwe died in a hospital in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria at the age of 36 years old. The cause of his death was due to his kidney failure. He was one of the richest and most influential actor in Nigeria before his death with an estimated net worth of $400,000.

What happened to actor Muna?

From some of the sad posts that Muna’s colleagues posted on their various social media accounts, it was made known that the actor, who is survived his wife and children, died after he could not afford the fee the Nigerian health care was demanding.

Does Ify Okeke have any real friends in the industry?

Actress, Ify Okeke made it known that there are no real friends in the industry. It is also true that the health system in Nigeria needs a revamp as unconfirmed reports said that the late actor needed only N50k for dialysis per day and Muna allegedly could not afford this.

Is Muna Kalyan really dead?

But in Muna’s case, there was a sad end, as the Internet went abuzz yesterday, Sunday, January 19, 2015 when news of his death surfaced online. Here are some of what his colleagues in the Nollywood industry had to say about his death… Just confirmed it from some close friends and relatives that he is really dead.