Where is Jose Zepeda from?

Where is Jose Zepeda from?

Long Beach, CA
Jose Zepeda/Place of birth

How old is Jose Zepeda?

32 years (May 24, 1989)
Jose Zepeda/Age

Where is Wilfredo Gomez today?

Puerto Rico
Last fights and retirement Gómez rebounded and is now back in Puerto Rico, where he has managed to stay off drugs. He helped Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho with the training of Camacho’s son Héctor Camacho Jr., who was a boxer in the Jr Welterweight division.

Did Joe Frazier have any sons?

Derek Dennis Frazier
Marvis FrazierJoe Frazier Jr.
Joe Frazier/Sons

What does Zepeda mean?

This is a Spanish name; the original of which is spelled Cepeda. The surname refers to someone from the region where they grow vineyards. It comes from the word, cepa, or type of grape produced in the region. It changed from Cepeda to Zepeda and also Sepeda.

What weight class is Jose Zepeda?

Light welterweight
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Where does Jose Zepeda live?

Long Beach, California, U.S.

How old is Wilfredo Gomez?

65 years (October 29, 1956)
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What was Joe Frazier net worth when he died?

Joe Frazier Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Thousand
Date of Birth: Jan 12, 1944 – Nov 7, 2011 (67 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession: Professional Boxer, Actor

Who paid for Joe Frazier’s funeral?

Floyd Mayweather
The boxing world suffered a big loss Monday, as former heavyweight Joe Frazier died at the age of 67. Grand Rapids native Floyd Mayweather has offered to pay his respects by covering the cost of the funeral services for Frazier, best known for being the first man to defeat Muhammad Ali.

How rare is the last name Zepeda?

How Common Is The Last Name Zepeda? This surname is the 3,312th most frequently used family name throughout the world, held by approximately 1 in 42,985 people.

What nationality is Zepeda?

David Zepeda/Nationality
Zepeda is a Spanish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Andrea-Mae Zepeda (born 1995), Austrian cricketer. David Zepeda of Nogales, Sonora, represented Mexico in the Manhunt International 2000 pageant, Singapore, in 2000.

How old is Jose Lopez?

Jose Luis Lopez (born 1973-05-28 in Durango, Mexico) is a former Mexican professional boxer. Lopez turned pro at the age of 15 in 1989 when he defeated Raul Contreras.

What was Miguel Lopez’s first professional boxing title?

His first professional championship was the Puerto Rican flyweight title, which won by defeating José Luis De Jesús. López’s first championship opportunity was against Alberto Jiménez for the World Boxing Organization ‘s flyweight title, in a contest that he lost by unanimous decision.

How many times did Vicente Lopez win in his boxing career?

Once again, Lopez stormed back, winning six straight times, although a hand injury kept him from a high-profile fight against Mike Dallas Jr. in April 2010. Lopez finally got his chance against the unbeaten Dallas at 140 pounds in January 2011, and made the most of it, scoring a seventh-round knockout.

Who did Jose Lopez fight in 2012?

Josesito Lopez delivers a right hand during his win over Victor Ortiz in Los Angeles on June 23, 2012. In June 2012, Lopez received the biggest opportunity of his career, as a fill-in opponent against 147-pound title contender Victor Ortiz in Los Angeles.