Where is headquarters of HT Media?

Where is headquarters of HT Media?

New Delhi, India
HT Media/Headquarters

Who is the owner of HT Media?

The Hindustan Times Limited
HT Media/Parent organizations

How can I publish article in Hindustan Times?

Text Submission to hindustantimes.com

  1. publication of any material you submit to us will be at your sole discretion.
  2. you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including, without limitation, print and electronic format;

How do I advertise in Hindustan Times?

How to book an Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper?

  1. Choose Category from the list at HT Advertisement Page here.
  2. Select the city you wish to advertise in Hindustan Times Newspaper.
  3. Choose date from Calendar for your ad in the newspaper.
  4. Draft your Ad content referring Classifieds Samples.

What is the cost of the Hindu newspaper?

The Hindu has introduced fee-based subscription for its put its e-paper. It is charging Rs 400 per month for accessing the digital edition of The Hindu.

Where is the corporate office of HT Media Limited?

Corporate Office HT Media Limited, Hindustan Times House (2nd floor) 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi – 110 001, India

What is the contact number of Hindustan Times office Mumbai?

The contact number of Hindustan Times Office Mumbai is 022 4351 9500. The email address of Hindustan Times Office Mumbai is . I am the winner of the Reader of the week- Sunday 1st October issue- Loud noise and smoke help none- the notification say ” CK You have won a Flipkart voucher worth RS. 10000.

What is htht media?

HT Media is a company whose channels in print, radio, mobile and internet space, work round the clock day and night. The company ensures its accessibility to people on all days at all times across different regions and locations, thanks to its 24X7 format of functioning.

When is the 19th Annual General Meeting of HT Media Limited scheduled?

This is for your information and records. HT Media 19Th Annual General Meeting Of HT Media Limited Scheduled For September 29, 2021 At 11:00 AM (IST) To Be Held Via Video-…