Where is Cinnamon Bay located?

Where is Cinnamon Bay located?

Virgin Islands National Park
Cinnamon Bay is a body of water and a beach on St. John island, within Virgin Islands National Park, in the United States Virgin Islands.

What island is Cinnamon Bay on?

island of St John
Cinnamon Bay Beach and Campground is a National Park Concessioner on the island of St John in the US Virgin Islands.

How long is Cinnamon Bay Beach?

about 1 mile
Cinnamon Bay, at about 1 mile, is the National Park’s longest beach. This great beach offers snorkeling, swimming, volleyball and more. A watersports concession stand rents windsurfing equipment, kayaks and mountain bikes. There is good snorkeling around Cinnamon Bay Cay, a short swim from shore.

What happened to Maho Bay Camps?

Maho Bay has been replaced by near-equivalent facilities called Cinnamon Bay Resort & Campground. For further details, go to CinnamonBayResort.com.

How do I get to Little Cinnamon Bay St John?

Getting there: Take North Shore Road ( RTE 20) out of Cruz Bay. The drive is about 4 miles of winding scenic road. You can’t miss the speed bumps and signs marking the entrance to Cinnamon Bay beach and camp grounds. Safari taxi service is available.

How do you get to the honeymoon beach?

Much like Salomon Bay, there is no clear road to Honeymoon Beach. To get there, sun-seekers will either need to walk the Lind Point Trail, or arrive by boat. For those who prefer walking, there are two different ways to navigate the Lind Point Trail.

When did Maho Bay Camps close?

Virgin Islands Campground is sorry to say good-bye to Maho Bay Camps which is now permanently closed. In 2005, before we started to build our facilities, we traveled to Maho Bay Camps for a 3 night stay and experience what we thought was camping at its finest.

Can you swim at Honeymoon Island?

Swimming, fishing, shelling, hiking and bicycling are all popular activities that make Honeymoon Island State Park an ideal getaway. The park is also the ferry terminal for access to another unspoiled state park, Caladesi Island.

How much does Honeymoon beach cost?

Entrance fees at Honeymoon Island State Park are: $8 per vehicle (limit 2 to 8 people). $4 single-occupant vehicle. $2 pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.

Is there toilet in Lazarus Island?

Lazarus Island itself does not have any toilets. However, there are toilets in the nearby islands which are just a few minutes of walk away.

Can you swim at Lazarus Island?

Lazarus Island is a great spot for fishing, swimming, picnicking, and of course, running. Through land reclamation, Lazarus Island is also linked to Pulau Seringat. The beaches are blessedly free of sandflies, but the tide is known to wash in some debris, so we advise against barefoot running.

How do I get to little cinnamon bay beach?

The popular Cinnamon Bay Beach is not the only beach in Cinnamon Bay. There is also the exclusive, residential Peter Bay Beach, and the quieter Little Cinnamon Bay Beach. To reach Little Cinnamon, go to the Campground and go left on Cinnamon Bay beach.

Is there a ferry from St John to Cinnamon Bay?

Cruz Bay is the only ferry port in St. John. The Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas ferry is a 40 minute ride and can accommodate vehicles, but plan ahead. The popular Cinnamon Bay Beach is not the only beach in Cinnamon Bay. There is also the exclusive, residential Peter Bay Beach, and the quieter Little Cinnamon Bay Beach.

Where are the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands?

Cinnamon Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever find. It is within the Virgin Islands National Park and is the longest beach on St. John. The campground is managed by the U.S. National Parks Service and offers an affordable means for everyone to visit St. John.

Is the beach at Cinnamon Beach Open in June?

The beach was beautiful, very windy when we visited. None of the facilities, including bathrooms are open when we visited in June/July 2021. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. We enjoyed our time at Cinnamon, however it was very windy the day we went.