Where can I find the 2015 tax tables from the IRS?

Where can I find the 2015 tax tables from the IRS?

TAX TABLES 2015 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service IRS.gov This booklet contains Tax Tables from the Instructions for Form 1040 only. NOTE: THIS BOOKLET DOES NOT CONTAIN TAX FORMS

What is the personal exemption amount for 2015?

The personal exemption amount for 2015 is $4,000, up from $3,950 in 2014. Phaseouts apply as follows:

What was the tax rate in 2015 for individuals?

Individual Income Tax Returns 2015 Individual Income Tax Rates, 2015 28 10-percent tax rate bracket, as well as reductions in tax rates for brackets higher than 15 percent of one-half percentage point for 2001 and 1 percentage point for 2002. It also included increases in the child tax credit and an increase in alternative minimum tax exemp-tions.

What is the standard deduction for 2015 in Table 2?

Table 2. 2015 Standard Deduction and Personal Exemption Filing Status Deduction Amount Single $ 6,300.00 Married Filing Jointly $ 12,600.00 Head of Household $ 9,250.00

Are there any tools available for the 2015 tax year?

The tools below are for Tax Year 2015 only. Here are the current Tax Year Calculators and Tools. Prepare and eFile your current Tax Year Returns Taxes Made Simple Again! Tax Deadlines and Due Dates.

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