Where can I find information about Nimsoft products?

Where can I find information about Nimsoft products?

For your convenience, Nimsoft provides a single site where you can access information about Nimsoft products. At http://support.nimsoft.com/, you can access the following: ■Online and telephone contact information for technical assistance and customer services ■Information about user communities and forums ■Product and documentation downloads

What is the Nimsoft infrastructure manager?

■Infrastructure Manager (provides administrative and management control of the Nimsoft Infrastructure, as well as an alarm window to view alarms and messages) ■The Nimsoft Infrastructure (includes Hubs, Robots, and Probes, which are distributed throughout the managed IT environment)

How does the tunnel work in Nimsoft?

The Tunnel sets up a VPN-like (Virtual Private Network) connection between the two Hubs and enables all Nimsoft requests and messages to be routed over the Tunnel and dispatched on the other side. This routing will be transparent to all the users within Nimsoft.

How does Nimsoft SLM work?

The Nimsoft architecture is highly modularised, thus spreading the workload across multiple nodes in your network. Some probes may monitor and report network traffic on one system, while another reports URL response etc. To build a successful SLM environment we need to understand the areas of: Data collection Data transport Data repository

What are the components of Nimsoft monitor?

Nimsoft Monitor, one component of the Unified Management solution, provides management for systems, applications and networks. Nimsoft Monitor is made up of these components: ■Nimsoft Server (which includes the Nimsoft Message Bus, primary Hub, and Nimsoft Information Store or NIS)

Do I need a robot to install probes on a computer?

A computer that is monitored by a Probe needs a Robot installed on it, as the Nimsoft installation method uses the Robot to install Probes on the machine. ■Probes – installed on computers within the managed environment, Probes access and monitor specific local resources or events, then send alarms/messages to the controlling Robot.