Where can I find a syringe gun in Fallout 4?

Where can I find a syringe gun in Fallout 4?

The Syringer is a Weapon in Fallout 4. Located in Vault 81 and earned as a reward for Hole in the Wall, the Syringer fires ammunition developed at Crafting Stations and can create a variety of debuffing effects.

What is fire rate in Fallout 4?

Fire rate in games usually mean how fast you can fire, per second.

How do you craft syringes in Fallout 4?

To craft a syringe, head over to a chem crafting table, like the one in Sanctuary Hills. Scroll down to Syringer Ammo and you will find every projectile injectable available in the game. Chance to frenzy target for 2 minutes. Does 30 points of damage over 10 seconds to a target.

Do gamma guns heal ghouls?

The gamma gun is a crude weapon with the appearance of being built from scavenged parts found throughout the wasteland. The primary damage type of gamma guns is radiation damage, meaning that most gamma guns have little effect on robots, ghouls, super mutants and other enemies with a degree of radiation resistance.

Can you beat Fallout 4 without attacking anything?

Fallout can be completed without killing any characters in combat. However, to complete the game, it is necessary to use the computers on the lowest level of the Mariposa Military Base to destroy it and to detonate the atomic bomb beneath the Cathedral. The character can find the cathedral by talking with various NPCs.

What is Jacobstown in Fallout 4?

Jacobstown is an old, pre- War ski resort in Mount Charleston that is now a super mutant settlement in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.

What is the difference between ROF and range?

But a time of 1/RoF between shots means that RoF _is_ shots per second. Range is the distance within which the weapon does full damage. Damage then tapers to 50% at 2x range and beyond. Since some things lower accuracy (cover,obstacles) it still can be higher then 100,just counters the lowering factors.

Where can I find a hollowed out rock in Jacobstown?

At the entrance of Jacobstown, where Marcus is met for the first time, there are two super mutants standing guard at both sides of the entrance. Near the one on the right, there is a hollowed-out rock which has a small heart painted on it and contains minor loot.

What are the Super Mutants of Jacobstown like?

The super mutants of Jacobstown are an egalitarian collective. The super mutants operate in a collectivist mindset, equally sharing their resources among each other for a common goal and almost never physically fighting each other, though there are often splinter factions among its less mentally stable denizens.