Where are the Yungas located in Bolivia?

Where are the Yungas located in Bolivia?

western Bolivia
Yungas, humid, subtropical region in western Bolivia. (Yungas is an Aymara word meaning “Warm Lands.”) It occupies the eastern slopes of the Andean Cordillera Real and extends northeast and north of the cities of La Paz and Cochabamba.

Why is Yungas road called death?

Til “Death” Do You Part North Yungas road is known as “Death Road” for all of the reasons you’d guess. Nearly 300 drivers were killed here every year until 1994. It’s no wonder it got the nickname. In the 1930s, Paraguayan prisoners cut the road during their violent battle with Brazil during the Chaco War.

What city is Death Road in Bolivia?

The Bolivia Road of Death is an 80-90 kilometer stretch leading from La Paz, Bolivia to the small city of Coroico, located to the North in the Bolivian yungas, a jungle high in the Andes mountains. From Coroico it eventually leads to the small town of Rurrenabaque passing through towns like Caranavi.

Why is the Yungas road important?

The Yungas Road is a cycle route about 60 km long which links the city of La Paz and the Yungas region of Bolivia. It draws about 25,000 tourists per year and is a major La Paz tourist attraction. Many tour operators cater to downhill mountain biking, providing information, guides, transport and equipment.

What is the capital city of Bolivia?


The seat of national government was established there in 1898, but Sucre remains Bolivia’s constitutional capital, home to the country’s Supreme Court; La Paz is the seat of the executive and legislative branches.

What kind of climate does Bolivia have?

Bolivia has a temperate climate but temperatures can differ dramatically between day and night. The wettest period is November to March, which, in extreme circumstances, may induce landslides in mountainous areas, and cause certain roads to become impassable. The northeast slopes of the Andes are semi-tropical.

How long is North Yungas road?

49.71 mi
North Yungas Road/Length

How long is the Yungas road?

Who built the Yungas road?

Paraguayan Prisoners
Officially known as The North Yungas Road, the route was constructed by Paraguayan Prisoners of War from the deadly Chaco conflict of the 1930s in order to connect La Paz with Las Yungas and the Amazon.

How many people have died on North Yungas Road in Bolivia?

This road was legendary for its extreme danger. Based on the ratio of death per mile, on an average, 26 vehicles plummet over the edge each year, claiming more than 100 lives. The estimation is that 200 to 300 travellers were killed yearly along the road.

What is Yungas Road or the death road of Bolivia?

Yungas Road or the Death Road of Bolivia (Ruta del Muerte in Spanish) is a tragically famous scenic road near La Paz in Bolivia for the numerous accidents and deaths on it. Where is the Yungas Road? The Death Road is also known as Yungas Road, Coroico Road, Camino de las Yungas, Camino de la Muerte or the Road of Death of Bolivia.

What is the most dangerous road in Bolivia?

Yungas Road, the Death Road of Bolivia. Yungas Road or the Death Road of Bolivia (Ruta del Muerte in Spanish) is a tragically famous scenic road near La Paz in Bolivia for the numerous accidents and deaths on it. Where is the Yungas Road?

What are the Yungas and Chapare regions?

The Yungas and Chapare: The Yungas and Chapare regions are the eastern side of the Andes that are between the high Andes mountains and the upper Amazon basin. The geography for the most part is steep and rugged with a lot of jungle and whitewater rivers, which are abundant.

Where are the Andes Mountains located in Bolivia?

The Andes: Two major branches of the Andes make up Bolivia’s mountain territory. One, starting in the Nudo de Apolobamba (north of L. Titicaca and on the Bolivia-Peru border) heads generally south and south-east, east of Lake Titicaca, east of La Paz and continues south on the eastern edge of the Altiplano and continues into northern Argentina.