Where are the LDS golden plates now?

Where are the LDS golden plates now?

Returning the plates According to accounts by several early Mormons, a group of Mormon leaders, including Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and possibly others accompanied Smith and returned the plates to a cave inside the Hill Cumorah.

Did Joseph Smith make the gold plates?

Joseph Smith, Jr. manufactured some metal plates out of tin, copper, or some other metal in order to trick witnesses into thinking he had gold plates.

Who buried the golden plates?

Four years later Smith purportedly received plates of gold from Moroni, who, as the last of the ancient prophets, had buried them in a hill called Cumorah (near Palmyra, New York) some 14 centuries earlier.

How much did the gold plates weigh LDS?

The plates weighed approximately sixty pounds Witnesses of the Book of Mormon were consistent in their witness that the plates weighed 40-60 pounds. Some critics assume that the “golden plates” are pure gold, or that they are a solid block of gold.

Did Emma Smith ever see the gold plates?

Although Emma Smith never saw the gold plates in the same way the other witnesses did and was also counseled by the Lord not to murmur because of the things which she had not seen (see D&C 25:4), she did have close contact with the plates and the work of her husband.

How old was Joseph Smith when he found gold plates?

17 years old
When he was 17 years old, Joseph wondered what God wanted him to do. One night Joseph prayed about this.

Who wrote the Mormon gold plates?

Oliver Cowdery was one ofJoseph’s scribes. He wrote down the words as Joseph read them out loud. Martin Harris and Emma were also scribes for a short time. Only a few people saw the plates.

Did sister Whitmer see the gold plates?

Some historical records indicate that Mary Musselman Whitmer was privileged to see the gold plates, in addition to Joseph Smith and the Three and Eight Witnesses.

Did Oliver Cowdery see the plates?

Book of Mormon scribe and witness Cowdery told Smith that he had seen the golden plates in a vision before the two ever met. Later that year, Cowdery reported sharing a vision, along with Smith and David Whitmer, in which an angel showed him the golden plates.

How many wives Joseph Smith had?

40 wives
In an essay posted without fanfare to its website in late October, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said for the first time that Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, had as many as 40 wives.

How old was Joseph Smith when Mormonism started?

Joseph Smith Jr. (December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement. When he was 24, Smith published the Book of Mormon.

Did Emma Smith see the gold plates LDS?