Where are the away fans at Old Trafford?

Where are the away fans at Old Trafford?

Away fans visiting Old Trafford are located in the adjoining section of the South and East stands, with a typical allocation of around 3,000.

Where do away fans sit at Manchester United?

Old Trafford
I’m a fan of the away team. Where do I sit and how do I get tickets? The away section at Old Trafford is situated in the corner of both the south and east stands opposite the Stretford End.

How many supporters does Man Utd have?

75 million fans
Accountancy firm and sports industry consultants Deloitte estimate that Manchester United has 75 million fans worldwide. The club has the third highest social media following in the world among sports teams (after Barcelona and Real Madrid), with over 72 million Facebook followers as of July 2020.

Who do Man United fans hate the most?

Manchester United fans’ votes

Position Most annoying fans %
1 Liverpool 33.0%
2 Arsenal 23.8%
3 Manchester City 10.5%

Is Man Utd in Salford?

Man Utd’s stadium is not in Salford. Manchester United is in Greater Manchester, the city. One of the areas in that is called Old Trafford, which is where the stadium is in.

Why is Man Utd pitch raised?

The dugout is in the centre of the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, raised above pitch level to give the manager and his coaches an elevated view of the game. Each team’s dugout flanks the old players’ tunnel, which was used until 1993.

Why does Old Trafford have a raised pitch?

Why are there slopes alongside the pitch at Old Trafford? – Quora. It’s because the advertising boards for European matches are larger and need to be closer to the touchline, which caused the first few rows of seats to be unusable for European games because the view was obstructed.

What are the four stands at Old Trafford?

The Old Trafford pitch is surrounded by four covered all-seater stands, officially known as the Sir Alex Ferguson (North), East, Sir Bobby Charlton (South) and West Stands. Each stand has at least two tiers, with the exception of the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, which only has one tier due to construction restrictions.

Why is Liverpool hated in England?

Many hate Liverpool because of their arrogance and conceitedness concerning their historical dominance of England and their European successes. People also hate Liverpool because they feel they qualify themselves as a top English team, when they have not won a Championship for the last 18 years.

How old is Chelsea FC?

116 years (March 10, 1905)
Chelsea F.C./Age

Does United hate Liverpool or City?

Despite City’s new found success, United’s rivalry with Liverpool is greater.

Is Manchester United the most hated club?

According to Talk Sport, Man United actually are not the most hated club in the Premier League, that title officially belongs to Chelsea F.C. However, “why Manchester United have been the most hated club by most football fans”, well this is mostly down to three reasons: Success.

Are there ATM machines at the Manchester United Stadium?

Other ATM machines can be found on Chester Road including the local Tesco store. The official Manchester United programme, United Review, costs £3.50. Programmes can be purchased from the Official Programme Booths in and around the Stadium. Manchester United takes the safety of our supporters extremely seriously.

What is the capacity of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium?

Old Trafford, home of Manchester United is an all-seater stadium, with a capacity just shy of 76,000. Away supporters are allocated one corner of the ground, in the East and South (main) stands. The stadium has some idiosyncratic features such as the elevated playing surface, which the players access from the corner of the South Stand.

Where is the statue of Sir Matt Busby at Manchester United?

Outside, a statue of Sir Matt Busby is located in front of the East Stand, along with a plaque commemorating the Munich air disaster of February 1958. On the other side of Sir Matt Busby Way is a statue of United’s “Holy Trinity” of George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law.