Where are Pequea trailers made?

Where are Pequea trailers made?

Built for tough jobs, Pequea trailers deliver performance you can count on. We design and build our products right here in Pennsylvania, making sure every unit that rolls off the assembly line meets our exceptional quality standards.

Where are PJ Trailers made at?

PJ Trailers is headquartered in Paris, Texas, where its main production facilities are also located. The company sells trailers at over 250 dealerships and retail outlets in North America. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Mount Orab, Ohio and Mexico.

Are Pequea trailers good?

Pequea has been providing industry-leading quality and innovation in its fabrication of mid-size trailers for over two decades. Pequea’s commitment to quality has established a rock-solid reputation for the hardest working trailers in the industry.

Is a tilt trailer worth it?

The biggest benefit to a tilt trailer is that it helps you to load items onto your trailer without damaging the item. A tilt trailer tilts downward, creating a ramp that you can wheel your heavy items up onto.

What is Deckover trailer?

Deckover trailers have a deck that sits above the trailer wheels. This makes the platform higher and wider than the traditional flat deck option, giving you more ground clearance and loading space. You typically see fewer of this type of trailer on the road today, but they are becoming increasingly common.

What are Deckover trailers used for?

From farm machinery to vehicles, supplies and equipment, deck over trailers are designed for maximum capacity hauling with widths up to 101 and 1/2″. Whether you’re hauling cars, construction equipment or supplies, we offer a variety of deck over trailers with innovative features for every need.

Who makes Odessa trailers?

Big Tex Trailer World – Odessa.

Where Are Big Tex Trailers made?

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and Georgia, making Big Tex the only nationwide trailer distributor and the fastest growing company in the industry.

What are tilt trailers good for?

What Are Tilting Trailers Used For? From cars to construction materials, tilt bed trailers can handle any load. Because of their ease of use, these trailers appeal to people involved in loading, hauling, and transporting heavy equipment.

Can you haul a car on a tilt trailer?

Be sure all vehicles and bystanders are a safe distance from the hydraulic tilt bed trailer. Pull the quick release located on the side of the trailer deck. Carefully drive or load the vehicle onto the lift. Be mindful of weight distribution.

Are Deckover trailers good?

A deckover-style trailer eliminates the problem for forklifts because the upper deck is flat and level across the trailer platform. As well as the advantage of more space in the dumpster bed, a deckover dump trailer also has a higher dump angle because of its placement above the wheels.

What is a bumper pull trailer?

A bumper pull trailer is hitched behind the axles of the tow vehicle to a ball attached to a frame mounted hitch bolted to the underside of the tow vehicle. A gooseneck is hitched over the truck axle to a hitch which is installed in the bed, directly above, or slightly in front of the rear truck axle.

What is a 16TL tilt bed equipment trailer?

This unit, similar to the 14FT, is designed to haul medium-duty, low-profile equipment. The 16TL Super Duty Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer from Big Tex Trailers is a stationary platform tilt deck trailer that has a four foot stationary deck on the front (six feet on the 22 length).

What makes a tilt trailer utility?

Easy loading and unloading are at the heart of tilt trailer utility. Hydraulic cyliners with reservoirs and proportioning valves ensure easy tilt rates. Torsion axles combine with smart deck designs to reduce load angles and ensure safe and easy loading/unloading.

What is a towtilt trailer?

Tilt trailers are designed to make quick work of loading and unloading cargo and powered equipment. Hydraulic cylinders ensure smooth and steady tilt rates, while smart deck designs reduce load angle.

Why choose Maxx-D tilt trailer?

TILT TRAILERS Here at MAXX-D we give the working man hardworking tilt trailers that are designed for the different work challenges blue-collar people face every day. Whether you haul equipment for a living or just haul your side by side on the weekends, our tilts are made to get things done.