When was Band Aid 20 released and how did it do?

When was Band Aid 20 released and how did it do?

The song was released the following week on 11 December and spent three weeks at number one, becoming the ninth biggest-selling song of the year. Band Aid 20 was the 2004 incarnation of the charity group Band Aid.

How many times has Band Aid re-recorded the song?

Three re-recordings of the song to raise further money for charity also topped the charts, first the Band Aid II version in 1989 and the Band Aid 20 version in 2004 and finally the Band Aid 30 version in 2014. The original was produced by Ure. The 12″ version was mixed by Trevor Horn .

Who are the artists that have performed Band Aid 30?

Band Aid 30. The song was recorded by some of the biggest-selling current British and Irish pop acts, including One Direction, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandé, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora. Bastille and Take That also took part, along with Chris Martin ( Coldplay) and Bono ( U2 )—the third time he contributed to a Band Aid recording.

When was the original Band Aid single on Top of the Pops?

Many of the people involved in the original Band Aid single appeared on the 1984 Christmas edition of Top of the Pops, along with Slade, The Thompson Twins, Bronski Beat, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Jim Diamond to mime to the record. This was the only time the original Band Aid single was performed live on television.

Why did Band-Aid stop making multiracial bandages?

This isn’t the first time Band-Aid has launched multiracial bandages. In 2005, the company unveiled its Perfect Blend brand, which included a bandage line designed to match multiracial skin tones. The line was discontinued because of “lack of interest at the time,” Band-Aid said.

How much money did Band Aid raise for famine relief?

Band Aid and Live Aid combined raised about $150 million (USD) for the famine relief effort in Ethiopia . This version, released in 1989, was produced by a British songwriting and production team formed by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman known as Stock Aitken Waterman.