What was the name of the bubble car?

What was the name of the bubble car?

BMW Isetta
The BMW Isetta is a microcar that was produced under license by the Bayerische Motorenwerke between 1955 and 1962. The “Motocoupé” is based on a design from the Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta and is known as a bubble car. Isettas typically had a door in the front and a single cylinder four-stroke engine in the back.

What is a bubble car?

Definition of bubble car : a small often three-wheeled British automobile with a transparent bubble-shaped roof broadly : any automobile with a similar top.

Can I drive a microcar on a full motorcycle Licence?

Oh yes. Because the Microcar falls within the weight and performance limits of existing B1 licence legislation, you can drive one on a bike licence a la the Reliant Robin. Learner motorcycle riders with a provisional ‘A’ can drive one on L plates without the need for a CBT (Compulsary Bike Training).

Are Ligier and microcar the same company?

History. The Ligier and Microcar brands are to retain their separate identities and manufacturing facilities. The merger creates Europe’s second largest microcar manufacturer (after Daimler’s Smart unit, if one considers that a microcar), and largest manufacturer of drivers license-exempt vehicles.

Who is Ligier Group?

Acclaimed for its expertise for more than 40 years, French car manufacturer LIGIER GROUP is now the market leader in Europe for light quadricycles. Under the Ligier, Microcarand Ligier Professionalmakes of car, the Group provides the general public and transport professionals alike with electric utility and moped cars.

What makes Ligier cars so special?

By building quite exclusively in carbon fibre cars that are eligible for categories ranging from CN to LM P2 and DPi, the manufacturer helps entrants and drivers to climb the different steps of the endurance pyramid at the wheel of cars combining performance, reliability and safety. Ligier Automotive sells notably Ligier sports prototypes.

What does Ligier mean?

Ligier, Microcar,Ligier Professional: moped cars and electric vehicles. Discover the know-how of Ligier Group, french car manufacturer, to purpose moped cars and electric vehicles with the brands Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional.