What was the Best Album of the 1980s?

What was the Best Album of the 1980s?

Top 100 Albums of 1980: Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Best of the ’80s — Part 1 1 Joy Division, Closer. BACKSTORY: The second and final Joy Division studio album, 2 The Cure, Seventeen Seconds. BACKSTORY: Robert Smith took The Cure into darker territory for 3 Talking Heads, Remain in Light. BACKSTORY: Aided by producer Brian Eno,

What are some of Your Top 10 favourite classic rock songs?

1 Back In Black – AC/DC 2 Remain In Light – Talking Heads 3 Closer – Joy Division 4 Ace Of Spades – Motörhead 5 The River – Bruce Springsteen 6 Dirty Mind – Prince 7 Hi Infidelity – REO Speedwagon 8 The Game – Queen 9 Diana – Diana Ross

Did ’80s pop culture reflect the world we live in today?

W hile ‘80s pop culture is largely remembered for its frivolity, the social unrest that stirred beneath the decade’s brightly colored gloss and greed resulted in not just the guilt-driven good intentions of enterprises like the star-studded USA for Africa, but a generation of artists whose music genuinely reflected the state of the world.

Were the eighties the decade of the decade?

In comparison, the Eighties have been the decade of, among other things, synth pop, Michael Jackson, the compact disc, Sixties reunion tours, the Beastie Boys and a lot more heavy metal. But if the past 10 years haven’t exactly been the stuff of revolution, they have been a critical time of re-assessment and reconstruction.

What made the 80s the greatest decade in rock music history?

When looking back over rock’s rich heritage, it’s fair to say the 80s were dominated by sounds which truly were rock hard. From the advent of Black Sabbath 2.0 in 1980, right through to the MTV generation and glam metal’s last gasp in 1989, heavy metal laid down the template for much of what made the 80s one of rock music’s greatest ever decades.

What was the 80s era known for?

From balls to the wall metal to dark, sexy alt-rock; from Aerosmith to the Replacements, the 80s was the decade when there really was an alternative to whatever was going on in the mainstream. But when it came to picking the decade’s finest albums, we decided we needed a little help. So, we turned to Louder readers to hear what they thought.

What happened to disco in 1980?

The year 1980 began with the last gasps of disco, as Donna Summer sat atop the Billboard Album charts that first week of January. But the backlash was in full swing, and it was coming from all directions. The Rolling Stones released their most disco single, “Emotional Rescue” in June, but hip hop and post punk were getting mainstream exposure.