What was happening in the world during 2014?

What was happening in the world during 2014?

February – The West African Ebola virus epidemic begins, infecting at least 28,616 people and killing at least 11,310 people, the most severe both in terms of numbers of infections and casualties. 7–23 February – The XXII Olympic Winter Games are held in Sochi, Russia.

What was happening in April 2014?

2014 Fort Hood shooting: A shooting is reported at the Fort Hood Army Base near the US town of Killeen, Texas with reports of at least four deaths, including the gunman, and 14 injuries. (Washington Post)

What was happening in December 2014?

Taliban Attack an Army-Run School, Kill Dozens (Dec. 16): The Taliban attacks the Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar, in northwest Pakistan. At least 145 people are killed in the siege, including more than 100 children. It is the most brazen and deadly attack by the Taliban in years.

What happened on this day in history October 8 2014?

Airtanker pilot dies fighting Yosemite fire The pilot of an airtanker died Tuesday when he crashed while fighting the rapidly spreading Dog Rock Fire near Yosemite National Park.

What major world events happened in 2013?

United States government re-opens

  • Lance Armstrong.
  • President Obama is inaugurated.
  • Russia meteor explodes near Chelyabinsk.
  • North Korea continues missile and nuclear tests.
  • EF-5 tornado hits Moore, Oklahoma.
  • Turkey anti-government protests.
  • Sarin gas attacks against citizens of Syria.
  • garment factory in Bangladesh collapses.

Who died on 8 October?

Died On October 8th

  • 1 Al Davis. 62. Listed In: Sportspersons.
  • 2 Clement Attlee. 24. Listed In: Leaders.
  • 3 Franklin Pierce. 142. Listed In: Leaders.
  • 4 Munshi Premchand. 14221. Listed In: Writers.
  • 5 Willy Brandt. 21. Listed In: Leaders.
  • 6 Javed Iqbal. 03. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities.
  • 7 John Hancock. 441.
  • 8 Jayaprakash Narayan. 246.

What was happening in Canada in 2014?

In the shootings at Parliament Hill, a gunman shot a Canadian Forces soldier dead at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, then entered the Parliament buildings where he was killed by security forces. Ottawa’s downtown core was put under lockdown during the search for a potential second shooter.

What was 2013 famous for?

In 2013, stories, such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the Cleveland kidnapping, captivated the world. People also eagerly awaited the verdicts from the controversial George Zimmerman and Jodi Arias trials.

Who died on 29th October 2008?

29. Gerald Arpino, 85, American dancer and choreographer, after long illness. Mike Baker, 45, American singer (Shadow Gallery), heart attack.

What happened in the world in 2014?

It was a tough year in news around the world: A deadly contagion spread fear across borders. One airline was hit by two disasters that left hundreds dead and missing—including one tragedy that remains a mystery. Conflict and a new brand of terror roiled Iraq and Syria. But there were moments of inspiration, too. Here are the top 10 stories of 2014:

What were the biggest news stories of 2014?

Here is a look at some of this year’s major news stories: 1. Ebola Epidemic Becomes Global Health Crisis The deadliest outbreak of Ebola, a deadly hemorrhagic fever, started in West Africa in the spring of 2014 and began to spread rapidly in late summer.

What are the top 5 most important stories of 2014?

Year in Review: The Top Stories of 2014. 1 1. Ebola outbreak. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa started quietly but soon spread across the porous borders of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to 2 2. Malaysia airlines disasters. 3 3. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. 4 4. The rise of ISIS. 5 5. U.S.-Cuba thaw.

What’s happened in the world in 12 months?

— — The past 12 months featured a number of major news events that captivated the world — from the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines jetliner to the spread of the Ebola virus — from all corners of the globe. Unrest in Ukraine and Israel also reached a climax as well as the threat from ISIS.