What stores are at Mall 205 Portland OR?

What stores are at Mall 205 Portland OR?

Store list – Stores in Mall 205

  • 24 Hour Fitness.
  • 7-Eleven.
  • Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.
  • Beauty Nails.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Cricket Wireless.
  • Famous Footwear.
  • FedEx.

How many stores are in the Maine Mall?

The Maine Mall

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
No. of stores and services 120
No. of anchor tenants 7 (5 open, 2 vacant)
Total retail floor area 1,009,044 square feet (93,743.3 m2)
No. of floors 1 with partial upper level (2 in Jordan’s Furniture and Macy’s)

Does the Maine Mall require masks?

If you do want to head to the Maine Mall, you will be need to wear a face mask. Also, smaller stores will have limits on how many shoppers will be allowed and the hours will be cut back.

Where is the biggest target in Oregon?

The mall’s two-story Target store is the largest Target in the state of Oregon….Mall 205.

Mall 205 in 2018
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Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates 45.517°N 122.561°WCoordinates:45.517°N 122.561°W
Opening date 1970

When was Lloyd Center built?

August 1, 1960
Lloyd Center/Opened
The mall opened August 1, 1960 in a 100-store, open-air configuration. At the time, it was the largest shopping center in the Pacific Northwest and claimed to be the largest in the country.

Who owns the Portland Maine Mall?

Brookfield Properties
The Maine Mall/Owners

What is the biggest mall in Maine?

The Maine Mall
The Maine Mall, located in South Portland, is the largest mall in Maine—home to over 100 retailers.

When did the Maine Mall open?

The Maine Mall/Opened

Does Washington Square Mall require masks?

As we comply with the current State of Oregon order, masks are required at Washington Square.

What county is Washington Square mall in Oregon?

COURTESY MAP: CITY OF TIGARD – The Washington Square Regional Center Plan not only includes the shopping mall but incorporates an 827-acre site that includes the cities of Tigard, Beaverton and unincorporated Washington County.

How many Target stores are there in Oregon?

Target store locations in Oregon, online shopping information – 7 stores and outlet stores locations in database for state Oregon.

What is the biggest mall in Portland Oregon?

Oregon’s largest mall is located in the busy Lloyd District neighborhood. Much of standard mall fare is found here, though with a slight urban edge. A large ice skating rink occupies the center swath of the two-story building’s lower level. Anchor stores include Macy’s and Sears .

Is there a mall in Portland Oregon?

There are some great malls in the Portland, Oregon area! Lloyd Center is five blocks up on the left. Washington Square Mall This huge modern mall with 170 specialty shops and restaurants, is outside the city of Portland. It was completely remodeled in 2005 and retains a sense of modern opulence.

Where to shop in Portland?

Cascade Station. Conveniently located along the MAX light rail Red Line, two stops away from Portland International Airport, Cascade Station is one of Portland’s top spots for big-box shopping. The Northeast Portland shopping features 46 stores, including Oregon’s only IKEA, as well as Best Buy and the Banana Republic Factory Store.