What should I say to my ex boyfriend on his birthday?

What should I say to my ex boyfriend on his birthday?

Anyways, it’s your birthday and I wish you massive success and immeasurable happiness. You were, are, and will always be the most special person of my life. On your birthday, I pray for your lifelong health, unimaginable success, and peace. Happy birthday to the loveliest ex-boyfriend!

Is it OK to wish an ex boyfriend happy birthday?

“If the relationship ended on relatively good terms, it’s fine,” says recovery coach Manya Wakefield, founder of Narcissistic Abuse Rehab. “If the two of you are on friendly terms and keep in regular contact, you can and should wish your ex a happy birthday,” says relationship and dating coach Ashley Harris.

How do you say happy birthday to your ex?

Here’s wishing you a very special and happy birthday! I hope that the best years of your life are yet to come. May you have a roller coaster of a life ahead—happy birthday! I used to treat you on every birthday of yours.

Why did my ex wish me happy birthday?

Some exes send the ‘Happy Birthday’ text because they want you to know that you’re still on their mind. They didn’t forget about you and they want you to realize that you are still a thought to them. Other exes text you on your special day just to see if they’ll get a response.

What will happen if I don’t wish my ex happy birthday?

Mostly, only for the 1st birthday after breakup this thought of wishing ex will occur and most exes wish only on 1st birthday after breakup. Even if you do not wish your ex, it’s fine, nothing happens. It’s not that if you wish your ex and your ex will leave all and come to you running. Ex is an ex for a reason.

Should I respond to my ex happy birthday text?

Whether it’s a text or email, it’s best to respond short and abrupt, if you even choose to engage at all. Don’t take the bait and allow yourself to fall into the bear trap. Remember that you are just starting to appreciate yourself again.

Why did my ex sent me a happy birthday text?

What does it mean when your ex remembers your birthday?

It means your ex still has genuine feelings for you. However, your ex is your ex remember. Accept the present and thank your ex.

Why would an ex say happy birthday?

Why did my ex boyfriend wish me happy birthday?

What does it mean if your ex says happy birthday?

How do you wish your ex-boyfriend Happy Birthday?

Happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend. No one can take your place in my heart whether you love me or not, live with me or not. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. Wish you a happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend.

What should I say to my Ex on my 31st birthday?

Happy birthday. 31) I would LOVE to admit that I HATE you but the truth is and I HATE to admit it, that I still LOVE you. Happy birthday. 32) Your birthday calls for celebrating our mature relationship as an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

Should you Text Your Ex on his birthday?

No doubt, it will remind both of you of the beautiful moments of the relationship you once had, and the painful memories of the breakup that followed. To start off, be well aware that it is not the best of ideas to send a text to your ex on his birthday.

Should I Send my Boyfriend a message on his birthday?

From this approach, the right thing would be to send your boyfriend a nice message on special occasions such as on his birthday.