What should be on a musician business card?

What should be on a musician business card?

Here’s what you’ll want to include on your card:

  1. Band or artist name.
  2. Facebook URL.
  3. SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube URL and a corresponding QR code (optional)
  4. Email address.
  5. Phone number.

Is 250GSM good for business cards?

Common Business Card Paper Weights 250GSM (10 Pt / 0.010 inches thick) – Light weight paper that is easily bent and quite flimsy. 300GSM (14 Pt / 0.014 inches thick) – This is the standard paper weight for most business cards.

What GSM should business cards be?

Most professionals print their business cards on 300 GSM paper. This paper is 14 Pt, or 0.014 inches thick, which makes it feel “weighty” and durable, but still gives it a little give and flexibility. However, the best paper for business cards is 400 to 450 GSM.

Do bands need business cards?

Your business card is a great opportunity to show off your bands personality. Good branding is all about creating a personality. If you’re business card matches your website, social media accounts, stage branding and so on it re-enforces who you are and helps your audience familiarise themselves with you.

What are the dimensions of a business card?

3.5″ x 2.0″
Standard Size Business Cards | 3.5″ x 2.0″ | MOO US.

What is 150g paper?

Papers weighing either 130gsm or 150gsm are generally used for leaflets or flyers. Anything weighing more than 170gsm is generally classified as board. At this weight a second measure can be used that indicates the thickness of the sheet.

What is 300 GSM used for?

300gsm to 350gsm Cards under this GSM range have an undeniable heft and rigidity to them, making them perfect for formal wedding invitations, greeting cards, presentation folders, and business cards.

How thick should my business card be?

016 inches stock is the standard business card thickness and is commonly used to hand it out in meetings and conferences. You can compare its thickness to that of a folder or greeting card paper. You may also choose thicker business card stock like 32 pt or .

What does 300 GSM paper mean?

210-300 gsm – This thicker type of paper is stiffer but still bendable. You’ll see it used for some magazine covers and higher-quality flyers. 350-450 gsm – The highest GSM paper is pretty much cardstock. This is the stiffest, sturdiest paper and is used for business cards and invitations.

How do musicians make business cards?

The Simple Guide to Musician Business Cards

  1. This card by Vitor Bonates is a great example of creative and eye-catching yet sleek and simple design. (
  2. Don’t use thin paper – use quality card stock.
  3. Make sure your business card contains the following:
  4. Don’t overwhelm people, though.

What thickness card is used for business cards?

What size do you print business cards?

3.5” x 2”
Standard business card printing dimensions vary from country to country. The standard business card size is 3.5” x 2” in the United States and Canada. If you’re a designer from outside the US and want to create standard American business cards, the close approximate would be 51 mm x 89 mm or a 1.75 ratio.

What is the best size business card to buy?

Next Business Day (Purchase Before 8am E.S.T.) The default or basic option is 14 point, a really nice card for general handouts. Get it glossy on both sides or on the front only if you want to write on the back. Step up to 16 point if you want a card just a little bit thicker and firmer than the standard.

Why choose linen business cards?

Our Linen Business cards are an unexpensive way to look your best. The card stock has a raised textured surface that resembles linen for an elegant, classic finish. A different presentation to display your information. Our folding business cards offer double the space than regular ones to fit all your important information!

What is the best surface for business cards?

Step away from the convetional rectangular business cards and make an impression. Silk and Shine come together perfectly in this elegant card. A smooth silk textured surface meets with shiny metallic accents to craft a beautiful card. Soft & smooth velvet laminated surface with shiny metallic 3-D accents.

What is twice as thick as a Biz card?

Twice as thick as our standard biz cards & laminated with a smooth silk film, you can’t get cooler cards. Gorgeous card with an exquisite texture and an astonishing shine. This card has a silk-like texture with two different types of shyne that make for an imposing look.