What should be in a nursing ePortfolio?

What should be in a nursing ePortfolio?

What should I include in my ePortfolio?

  1. Name and contact information.
  2. Education.
  3. Certifications and licensure information.
  4. Organization affiliations and professional development information.
  5. Resume or CV.
  6. References with contact information.

What is ePortfolio in nursing?

The award winning ePortfolio program is a system allowing nursing students to present their university assignments, practicums and results in a portfolio format suitable for showcasing to future employers.

What is included in an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio may contain all or some of the following:

  • Files of various formats (text, pictures, video, etc.)
  • Evidence related to courses taken, programs of study, etc.
  • Writing samples (which might include several drafts to show development and improvement)
  • Projects prepared for class or extracurricular activities.

What is included in an ePortfolio for Advanced Practice Nurse?

Each portfolio is a collection of exemplars, artifacts, and other evidence organized in an electronic or hard-copy binder, for example, for a specific purpose or audience. Each nurse will build his or her portfolio based on its intended purpose, whether personal, academic, or professional advancement.

Why should nursing students create an electronic portfolio?

An electronic portfolio captures all professional development data and supporting documents over the course of a nurse’s career. Subjective documents, such as case logs and exemplars that show competency, also go in the portfolio, as do narratives reflecting on your nursing practice.

Should I bring a portfolio to a nursing interview?

Bring Documentation Create a portfolio that showcases your achievements and qualifications. Include a clean copy of your resume, as well as copies of nursing licenses, certifications, academic transcripts and a list of personal and professional references.

How do you make a good ePortfolio?

Eportfolio Tips

  1. Brevity is best – As in a great résumé, you want to provide clear, direct information about yourself, your work and your achievements.
  2. Organization is everything – Make sure your eportfolio is easy to navigate and browse with the most important information available in the fewest clicks possible.

How do you write a good ePortfolio?

What to Include in your Eportfolio

  1. Welcome. Summarize who you are and a bit about what visitors will find in your eportfolio.
  2. Career objective/profile.
  3. Résumé
  4. Work samples.
  5. Study Abroad/ International Experience.
  6. Awards and honors.
  7. Additional education.
  8. Volunteer and extracurricular activities.

What are the 4 pillars of advanced practice?

As part of the framework for advanced clinical practice, ACPs must be able to evidence additional core capabilities across four pillars: clinical practice, leadership and management, education and research.

Why are portfolios important in nursing?

A portfolio can assist nurses to store and manage their revalidation or reregistration documents in one place, so that these can be easily updated and produced when required, for example in performance reviews and job applications.

Why you need an electronic professional portfolio?

An electronic health record captures all the clinical conditions and interventions over the course of a patient’s life. An electronic portfolio captures all professional development data and supporting documents over the course of a nurse’s career.

What is a professional nursing portfolio example?

Professional Nursing Portfolio Example Ethical decision-making: I will improve my knowledge to understand the roles of a mental health nurse in making ethical decisions to be able to address ethical dilemmas in future mental health practice.

How do I use my nursing portfolio to market myself?

You’ll use your nursing portfolio to market yourself when applying for jobs. The portfolio showcases your clinical expertise and skills so employers can understand your nursing abilities. A nursing portfolio helps them determine if you are a good candidate for the open position in their healthcare facility.

How do I structure my own e-portfolio?

It provides an example of one possible way to structure your own e-portfolio. View a mock e-portfolio built using Weebly, a drag-and-drop website builder. At the bottom of each page of the e-portfolio are instructions to show you how to build a similar page.

What should I include in my portfolio?

You should include the following in your portfolio: 1 Title page. 2 Table of contents. 3 Cover letter. 4 Resume. 5 Name, address, contact info, health records. 6 Level of preparation and type of degrees. 7 Professional licensure and specialty certifications.