What products does 3CE makeup make?

What products does 3CE makeup make?

Like all their makeup items, 3CE lip products remain true to the company’s hyper-feminine aesthetics, from romantic shades to baby-pink lip tint tubes and candy-colored, heart-shaped containers. Besides lip products, eye shadow palettes are some of 3CE’s most recognizable and coveted makeup items.

What is 3CE Matte lipstick?

The 3CE matte lipstick Matte Lip Color features a creamy, highly buildable formula that glides on easily for a non-drying finish. It comes in several iterations, most popular of which is the Mood Recipe Line, with a standout shade being 3CE 116 (Inked Heart), a light orangey brown that flatters a diversity of skin tones.

What is 3CE soft lip lacquer?

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer offers a classic matte look, that never fades and lasts throughout the day no matter what. This is a soft liquid product that glides smoothly onto the lips, then melting weightlessly into the lips. The color is opaque, high coverage, and truly versatile.

What is 3CE Velvet lip tint?

The purpose of 3CE Velvet lip tint is to give a soft to the touch, a natural-looking effect that looks like the lips and not additional makeup. The color selection is reminiscent of the shades of flower petals, as their beauty is in mind to be translated on to the lips of who wears the tint.


Who is 3CE owned by?

As an offshoot of parent company Nanda Co. (home to fashion brand Stylenanda), which was founded in 2004 by then-21-year-old businesswoman Kim So-hee, 3CE quickly won millennials over with its innovative formulas, girly colors and exquisite packaging.

What does 3CE stand for?

3 CONCEPT EYES (also known as 3CE) is a South Korean cosmetics brand with a unique philosophy. The brand’s name is based on the idea of three kinds of attractive eyes.