What movie is Cage The Elephant in?

What movie is Cage The Elephant in?

Cage the Elephant Sync Placements Music by Cage the Elephant has been featured in the Hubie Halloween soundtrack, Siesta Key soundtrack and Borderlands 3 soundtrack.

Why is it called Cage the Elephant?

The band’s name, according to lead singer Matt Shultz, came from an incident in 2006 when a mentally disturbed man approached the band after a show. He hugged Shultz and kept repeating the sentence “You have to cage the elephant” over and over again.

Where is the band Cage the Elephant from?

Bowling Green, KY
Cage The Elephant/Origin

Are Cage the Elephant good live?

Cage the Elephant can be described as nothing short of rock stars and are considered by audiences and critics alike to be among some of the best live acts in recent years. Cage the Elephant has so much going for them, but the fact that they can so easily get a crowd going is by far their best quality.

When did Cage the elephant release their first album?

The band’s first album, Cage the Elephant, was released in 2008 to much success, spawning several successful radio singles and gained the band a large following in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Who are the current members of Cage the elephant?

Cage the Elephant. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Matt Shultz, rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz, lead guitarist Nick Bockrath, guitarist and keyboardist Matthan Minster, bassist Daniel Tichenor, and drummer Jared Champion. Lincoln Parish served as the band’s lead guitarist from their formation in 2006 until December 2013,…

What music festivals has Cage the Elephant performed at?

Cage the Elephant also landed the bill for music festivals such as Coachella and the Glastonbury Festival. On August 6, 2011, Cage the Elephant performed at the Kansas Speedway for the first annual Kanrocksas music festival.

When did Cage the elephant come out with Melophobia?

Cage the Elephant regrouped in the studio to record their third album Melophobia (meaning “fear of music”). The album’s lead single ” Come a Little Closer ” was teased via their YouTube channel on August 1, 2013, and premiered in full on August 8, 2013.