What kind of water lines are in mobile homes?

What kind of water lines are in mobile homes?

CPVC and PEX are more common in mobile home supply lines. Both work for hot and cold water lines. These materials may last as long as the incoming copper lines used for site-built homes. The plastic pipes are cheaper and easier to install.

What years was polybutylene used in mobile homes?

Polybutylene (PB) was a plastic manufactured between 1978 and mid-1995 for use as piping in home plumbing systems. It was inexpensive and offered plenty of advantages over other materials, such as flexibility, ease of installation, resistance to freezing.

Where are water pipes located in a mobile home?

Look for the Main Water Pipe You may need a flashlight to locate the main water pipe. It will usually be located near the back of the mobile home because this is where most manufacturers position the fitting for the water hookup.

What size water line is in a mobile home?

Your water supply lines are the smaller pipes (3/8″ to 1″) that come into the home. They are usually either copper or Pex.

What is the life expectancy of polybutylene pipe?

While nationally the average life of polybutylene (“poly”) pipes is 26 years, in states like North Carolina and Virginia, poly pipes are failing up to ten years earlier.

What size water lines are in a mobile home?

What is gray water line?

Greywater (also spelled graywater, grey water and gray water) or sullage is all wastewater generated in households or office buildings from streams without fecal contamination, i.e. all streams except for the wastewater from toilets.

What is gray PVC pipe called?

Polybutylene pipe, or Poly-b as it’s often called, is a grey plastic pipe that was manufactured from the late ‘70s until the late ‘90s and used heavily in residential plumbing systems during that time.

What is gray PVC pipe?

Gray PVC pipe is used widely in industrial and commercial process piping systems and as electrical conduit. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and resistant to weather and many harsh chemicals.