What is Transline used for?

What is Transline used for?

Transline® herbicide controls broadleaf weeds and certain woody plant species with excellent selectivity, allowing for use over the top of many conifers and hardwood species.

What is the active ingredient in Transline?


Active Ingredient Clopyralid – 40.9%
Special Features Nonvolatile formulation, excellent selectivity and residual control.
Shipping Weight 4.50 lbs
Manufacturer Corteva Agriscience
EPA Registration 62719-259

Is Transline herbicide volatile?

Transline offers excellent residual control and is rainfast within two hours. It offers tank-mix compatibility and has low volatility.

What does Transline kill?

Transline (Clopyralid)- broadleaf herbicide that is very good at killing Canada thistle and birdsfoot trefoil, and red clover.

How much does a Transline of water cost per gallon?

Prepare a spray solution by adding 1/4 fl oz of Transline per gallon of water. When applied at 1 gallon of spray per 1000 sq ft, this spray concentration is equivalent to a broadcast rate of 2/3 pint per acre.

How do you mix Lontrel?

Turfgrasses (Including Turf Grown for Seed or Sod) Apply Lontrel Turf and Ornamental in enough water to deliver 20 gallons or more of total spray mix per acre. Higher application volumes may be used when tank mixed with fertilizers.

Does Transline kill grass?

Transline is labeled for control of broadleaf weeds in cottonwood/poplar and eucalyptus tree plantations; and in rangeland and permanent grass pastures in certain western states. Advisory: In California, the maximum application rate is 2/3 pint/acre per annual use season.

Does Transline kill thistle?

In addition to yellow starthistle, Transline controls many other thistles, knapweeds, cocklebur, dandelion, and sunflower. It will also control unwanted legumes such as clover and alfalfa when they grow in inappropriate areas, such as road shoulders.

How long does it take for Lontrel to work?

two hours
Agitate the solution thoroughly before and during application. Lontrel becomes rainfast within two hours. Low odor and low use rates. Lontrel is an excellent choice for many weed control programs.

Does Lontrel need surfactant?

Wet foliage at the time of application may decrease control. Applications of Lontrel Turf and Ornamental are rainfast within 2 hours after application. Addition of surfactants, crop oils, or other adjuvants is not usually necessary when using this product.

What is transtransline herbicide used for?

Transline ® herbicide provides excellent selectivity, allowing it to be used over the top of many conifers and hardwood species. It is also selective to warm- and cool-season right-of-way grasses, including fescue, brome and native grass species.

Can transtransline be used to control knapweed?

Transline provides excellent residual control of many tough, Western, noxious, invasive weeds, like knapweeds and thistles, including infestations in and around pine trees.

Does Transline kill kudzu?

It controls kudzu in conifer and hardwood forest settings, and it delivers outstanding control of mesquite and other woody legumes, especially when tank-mixed with Milestone ® specialty herbicide. Transline is essentially nonvolatile to minimize off-target issues.

How do you clean Transline sprayer?

Sprayer Clean-Out: To avoid injury to desirable plants, equipment used to apply Transline herbicide should be thoroughly cleaned before reusing apply any other chemicals. Rinse and flush application equipment thoroughly after use at least three times with water. Dispose of rinse water in non-cropland area away from water supplies.