What is Traka system?

What is Traka system?

Traka systems enable you to safely store and charge personal or pooled devices, equipment and other valuable items when not in use. From a temporary deposit locker for personal items or cell phones, to laptop and tablet management lockers, Traka keeps assets secure while keeping you in complete control.

What is a Traka key?

Traka key systems automatically records when a key is used and by whom on a database. Traka systems also maintain a simple to use, yet effective, fully audited history of all your key transactions which are made available for quick display via the software reporting function.

What is a Traka cabinet?

Traka key cabinets offer greater control and visibility over your keys, allowing only authorized users to gain access, and ensuring they remain accounted for at all times.

What is key management in information security?

Key management refers to managing cryptographic keys within a cryptosystem. It deals with generating, exchanging, storing, using and replacing keys as needed at the user level. A key management system will also include key servers, user procedures and protocols, including cryptographic protocol design.

What is Traka 32?

Traka32 software can run on a single PC or networked server, it provides extensive real time data capture of the events to a SQL server database. In addition, the software is equipped with options to have main oversight by a super administrator that maintains control over all keys, assets, users and administrators.

What is Traka Web?

Traka Web is a web-based administration suite for centrally managing Traka Touch key and locker systems on almost any device that can run a browser, including phones, tablets and PCs. Traka Web can support unlimited keys or assets.

What is key management What are the functions of key management?

Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are four key management functions that must be considered in any management position.

What are the various types of key management and protocols?

Once keys are inventoried, key management typically consists of three steps: exchange, storage and use.

  • Key exchange.
  • Key storage.
  • Key use.
  • Key management system.
  • Standards-based key management.
  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
  • Non-KMIP-compliant key management.
  • Public-key infrastructure (PKI)

What is the maximum number of Traka Touch systems that can be managed by Trakaweb?

four Touch
Traka Web provides full support for up to four Touch Cabinets, allowing up to 720 key sets per system to be managed from one control pod.

What are the 5 management functions?

At the most fundamental level, management is a discipline that consists of a set of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. These five functions are part of a body of practices and theories on how to be a successful manager.

What are the general steps involved in a key management process?

Management steps. Once keys are inventoried, key management typically consists of three steps: exchange, storage and use.

What is the best known key management protocol?

The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) is an extensible communication protocol that defines message formats for the manipulation of cryptographic keys on a key management server. This facilitates data encryption by simplifying encryption key management.

What is the Traka key management and intelligent locker systems integration?

Traka Key Management and Intelligent Locker Systems integration with C•CURE 9000 enables you to control, monitor, and record the use of keys within C•CURE 9000. Traka provides intelligent key management to better protect your important assets.

Why tratraka locker systems?

Traka’s intelligent locker systems provide controlled access to laptops, tablets, phones, radios, weapons, medications and more, with the best in asset management and secure storage solutions.

What can Traka do for your industry?

See what Traka can do for your industry. Traka’s key cabinets and intelligent lockers, both supported by our advanced Traka software, providing the core for any intelligent key management or intelligent locker solution. Traka deliver intelligent key and asset management systems to a wide range of markets.

Why tratraka key management?

Traka provides intelligent key management to better protect your important assets. This results in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operating costs, and significantly less administration.