What is the weight of the shot put?

What is the weight of the shot put?

The shot, a metal ball (7.26kg/16lb for men, 4kg/8.8lb for women), is put – not thrown – with one hand. The aim is to put it as far as possible from a seven-foot diameter (2.135m) circle that has a curved 10-centimetre high toe-board at the front.

How heavy is a shot put ball in high school?


Competitor Mass of shot
Girls through junior high 2.72 kg (6 pounds)
Men, high school 12 pounds
Women, high school through age 49 4 kilograms
Men, college through age 49 7.26 kg (16 pounds)

What is the price of shot put?

Shotput Cast Iron 43kg5kg6kg7. 26kg. Prices:- 75rs/kgMinimum order quantity 200kgs.

What is iron shot in track and field?

Cast iron shot puts are official weight and size. These shots provide a rough textured surface due to the nature of being cast iron. Throw them in practice and in competition meets. These are the most common shot puts you will see around high school practices & meets.

What is the weight of a shot put for age?

Open Age Groups In NCAA, Olympic, national and international competition, men use a 16 lb. shot while women continue to use the 8.8 lb. shot. National and international competitions for junior men or those younger than 20 years of age at the beginning of the year use a 13.2 lb.

What muscles do shot put use?

Shot putters use their strong quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles to push off from the back of the circle and generate the initial thrust necessary to get the heavy metal shot moving across the circle.

Who holds the world record in the shot put?

Ryan Crouser
What are the current shot put world records to beat? American Ryan Crouser holds the current men’s shot put world record after he threw 76 feet, 8 ¼ inches at the U.S. Olympic Trials in June. Crouser also set the Olympic record at the 2016 Rio Games with a 73 foot, 10 ½ inch throw to win gold.

What is the farthest shot put throw ever?

76 ft
Men (absolute)

Rank Mark Athlete
1 23.37 m (76 ft 8 in) Ryan Crouser
2 23.12 m (75 ft 10 in) Randy Barnes
3 23.06 m ( 75 ft 73⁄4 in) Ulf Timmermann
4 22.91 m ( 75 ft 13⁄4 in) Alessandro Andrei

How far is a good shot put throw?

While in the rotational throw, the putter spins around rotationally generating momentum and then releases the ball. “For a male, 60 feet is a heck of a throw, but 55 feet is a nice throw,” Wood said. “For women 50 feet is an excellent throw and anything above that is really good.”

What weight discus does an under 14 throw?


Athletics Australia Implement Weights for Competition under Athletics Australia Rules (as at 1st June 2004)
SHOT PUT 7.26kg 3kg

What’s the farthest shot put throw?


What is the world record for shot put?

According to Guinness World Records, as of May 2014, the world record for the shot put is 23.12 meters, or 75 feet, 10.23 inches.

How heavy is shot put in the Olympics?

The metal ball used in adult men’s shot put competition weighs 16 pounds, or 7.25 kilograms, while the ball used in women’s competition typically weighs 8.8 pounds, or four kilograms. Shot putters tend to throw the balls with either the “glide” or the “spin” technique.

What is the history of shot put?

The first events resembling the modern shot put likely occurred in the Middle Ages when soldiers held competitions in which they hurled cannonballs. Shot put competitions were first recorded in early 19th century Scotland , and were a part of the British Amateur Championships beginning in 1866.

How much does each throwing implement weigh?

How Much Does Each Throwing Implement Weigh? Shot Put Weights. A common weight for middle school shot put is 8 pounds for boys and 6 pounds for girls, but this is NOT always the case. Discus Throw Weights. Hammer Throw Weights. Javelin Throw Weights. Weight Throw Weights. Super Weight Throw.