What is the Trident Group?

What is the Trident Group?

Trident Group is a dynamic and continuously growing group of companies creating a buoyant economic climate. The group is focused on generating economic prosperity for the stakeholders, while growing harmoniously with the community and environment. RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD. LAKSHMI MACHINE WORKS LTD.

What is tradtrident group?

Trident Group is a collaboration of many hearts reaching out to protect and preserve our environment.We feel that conservation of resources is the way to sustainable development.

What is tradestrident group doing to help the environment?

Trident Group has launched a number of initiatives including developing environment friendly products like paper from agree-residue, producing organic yarn, rain water harvesting and moving towards green manufacturing for a cleaner environment.

Why choose Trident paper?

Trident is one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of high quality wheat-straw based paper. The leading Sulphuric Acid manufacturer in India, offering superior quality, more consistency, bigger scale and improved efficiency. We at Trident generate captive power to meet our energy requirements in-house.

Why choose Trident for your lab?

Trident has great customer service. They pick up on time and deliver on time as well. The quality is always good. Doctor… Read more “Trident has great customer service.” I have been send cases to Trident for year and I value their hard work. We have exclusively used your Lab for quite a few years now and are happy. Send it by Fed Ex, let the…

What’s new at Trident Medical Center?

Trident Medical Center’s $15 million expansion of its cardiac program means easier access to life-changing technology and services. General Surgeon Dr. Michael Michel joined Coastal Carolina Bariatric Center bringing the LINX Reflux Management System, an effective treatment for gastric reflux disease.

What is tridentconnect and how does it work?

What is TridentConnect? TridentConnect provides our customers with a secure online ordering and results system that greatly benefits patients, clinicians, and practitioners by improving accuracy of information and patient care, saving time, and supporting compliance. How will TridentConnect be different for you?

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Cavaletti double up as both stable, slightly raised trotting poles and very low fences. They are ideal for training exercises for both flatwork and jumping. What are the correct distances for cavaletti? This is working on one stride in the particular gait in question.

What is a Cavaletti used for in horse riding?

Cavaletti are used most effectively to improve the horse’s gaits by developing suppleness, rhythm and cadence, essentially the lightness and quality of the step. Always start with one cavaletti before you introduce multiples in a line or on a curve even with an experienced horse

What are the correct distances for Cavaletti?

What are the correct distances for cavaletti? Working on a 16hh horse, you want to aim for the following distances:- Walk – 2 feet to 2.5 feet apart Trot – 3.5 feet to 4 feet apart