What is the state seal for New Hampshire?

What is the state seal for New Hampshire?

The state of New Hampshire has held two seals since it declared its independence from Great Britain on January 5, 1776. While both seals have been retained, most people are only familiar with the Great Seal due to its corporate use….Flag and seal of New Hampshire.

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Adopted 1931

What ship is on the NH flag?

The seal, which was slightly altered in 1931, features the frigate Raleigh being built at Portsmouth. Although the ship was built in 1776, the seal shows it flying flags that were not adopted until 1777.

What is the nickname of New Hampshire?

The Granite State
New Hampshire/Nicknames
It’s commonly known as the Granite State for its extensive granite formations and quarries, but also has three other nicknames: Mother of River, the White Mountain State and Switzerland of America.

What is depicted on the NH flag?

The main feature that stands out on this state flag is the depiction of the USS Raleigh warship. This ship was built in the 1700s in Portsmouth and was one of the first warships to be sponsored by the Continental Congress. A laurel wreath surrounds the seal, which is a symbol for honor, victory and fame.

What is New Hampshire state flower?

Purple lilac
New Hampshire/State flower
The purple lilac, Syringa vulgaris, is the state flower of New Hampshire. New Hampshire historian Leon Anderson writes in To This Day that the purple lilac was first imported from England and planted at the Portsmouth home of Governor Benning Wentworth in 1750. It was adopted as our state’s flower in 1919.

What is the motto of New Hampshire?

Live Free or Die
New Hampshire/Motto
State Motto The words “Live Free or Die,” written by General John Stark, July 31, 1809, shall be the official motto of the state. It was the 1945 Legislature that gave New Hampshire its official motto and emblem, as World War II approached a successful end.

What is New Hampshire’s state tree?

Paper birch
New Hampshire/State tree
The white birch tree, Betula papyrifera, is the state tree of New Hampshire. The white birch became the Granite State’s official tree in the 1947 Legislature without argument or opposition. It was sponsored by Senator J. Guy Smart of Durham, on behalf of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, of which Mrs.

What is New Hampshire motto?

What is the state animal of New Hampshire?

The white tail deer
The white tail deer is hereby designated as the official state animal of New Hampshire. The white tail deer, also known as the Virginia deer was named the state animal in 1983. The deer is common to North America.

What is New Hampshire state fruit?

Wells Memorial Elementary School in Harrisville was responsible for getting the pumpkin named as the state fruit.

What is New Hampshire state tree?

What is the NH state butterfly?

Karner Blue
The Karner Blue, Lycaeides melissa, subspecies samuelis, is hereby designated as the official state butterfly of New Hampshire.

What is the state seal of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Flag Description: The flag of New Hampshire consists of a blue base with the state seal in the center. New Hampshire Flag Meaning: Around the outside of the state seal is a series of laurel wreaths and nine gold stars which represent New Hampshire as the ninth state to join the Union.

What is the state animal of NH?

The NH state animal was adopted in 1983. The state adopted the White Tailed Deer as the state animal for New Hampshire. View All.

What is the state fish of NH?

New Hampshire designated the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) as the official state fish in 1994. Brook Trout only live under water conditions that are cool, clean and pure.

What is the ship on the seal of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s state seal, which rests on the center of the flag’s deep blue background, depicts the historic warship USS Raleigh, built in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1776. The USS Raleigh was one of the first thirteen frigate warships commissioned by the Continental Congress.