What is the meaning of Divertimento?

What is the meaning of Divertimento?

Definition of divertimento 1 : an instrumental chamber work in several movements usually light in character. 2 : divertissement sense 1.

What does Puntana mean in Italian?

[ feminine ] /pu’tːana/ vulgar. prostitute , whore.

What does castania mean in Italian?

Italian: from castagna ‘chestnut’ (the fruit, not the tree), probably a metonymic occupational name for someone who collected or sold chestnuts, or a nickname for someone with chestnut-colored hair.

What does Macche mean in Italian?

(informal) certainly not! ⧫ you must be joking!

What is a divertimento in classical music?

divertimento, (Italian: “diversion,” or “amusement”, ) plural Divertimenti, 18th-century musical genre of a light and entertaining nature usually consisting of several movements for strings, winds, or both. The movements included sonata forms, variation forms, dances, and rondos.

What is the original meaning of the word sonata?

piece of instrumental music
The Italian word sonata has come to mean “piece of instrumental music,” although its literal translation is “sounded” or “played.” This is in contrast to another Italian musical term, cantata, which means “sung,” or “musical piece that is sung.”

What are some Italian slang words?

10 Essential Italian Slang Words & Expressions

  • Che figo! | How awesome!
  • Che schifo! | That’s gross!
  • In bocca al lupo | Good luck, Break a leg. Click play to hear it pronounced:
  • Fregatura | Rip off. Click play to hear it pronounced:
  • Figurati!
  • I vecchi | Parents.
  • Mannaggia | Damn!
  • Devo filare | I gotta run/jet.

What is mache called in English?

another term for lamb’s lettuce. ‘For a mild mix, combine familiar types of leaf lettuce with greens such as mizuna, purslane, mache and chervil. ‘ ‘We chose spinach, mache (also called corn salad), arugula, tatsoi and a few other greens to plant.

Whats the meaning of flecks?

1 : streak, spot whitecaps flecked the blue sea. 2 : to color as if by sprinkling with flecks his wit is flecked with sarcasm— James Atlas. fleck.

When was Divertimento composed and under what circumstances?

The Divertimento in E♭ major, K. 563, is a string trio, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1788, the year in which he completed his last three symphonies and his “Coronation” Piano Concerto. It is widely regarded as separate from his other divertimenti.

Who wrote Divertimento?

Mozart composed the Divertimento, K. 136, during down-time in Salzburg in the winter of 1772, following two extended periods in Italy.

What is Winter Sonata?

Winter Sonata (Korean: 겨울연가; Hanja: 겨울戀歌; RR: Gyeouryeon-ga; MR: Kyŏuryŏn’ga; lit. Winter Love Song) is a 2002 South Korean television drama series, starring Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo. The series is widely considered to be the Korean drama that launched the Korean Wave throughout Asia and worldwide.