What is the meaning of Debar in Hebrew?

What is the meaning of Debar in Hebrew?

The word dabar (Hebrew: דָּבָר) means “word”, “talk” or “thing” in Hebrew. In Christianity, the Old Testament concept of “word event” represented by dabar carries over to the New Testament where revelation can be seen as events explained by words.

What happened to Mephibosheth in the Bible?

And it happened, as she made haste to flee, that he fell and became lame. His name was Mephibosheth,” says the Bible in 2 Samuel 4:4 (NKJV). Because of that fall, Mephibosheth grew up crippled in both feet. For the rest of his days Mephibosheth would need the help of others.

What is the meaning of the word Mephibosheth?

According to the Books of Samuel of the Tanakh, Mephibosheth (or Mephibaal) was the son of Jonathan, grandson of Saul and father of Micah. The Hebrew name is מְפִיבֹשֶׁת‎ Məfīḇōšeṯ, meaning “from the mouth of shame”, or Merib-baal (Bib Heb: מְרִיב־בַּעַל, Mərīḇ-Baʻal).

What is the meaning of the name Ziba?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Ziba is: Army; fight; strength.

Who was crippled in the Bible?

Mephibosheth had a young son named Mica, and all the members of Ziba’s household were servants of Mephibosheth. And Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the king’s table, and he was crippled in both feet.

Why did David bless Mephibosheth?

David wanted to show Saul’s family kindness because of his bond with Saul’s son, Jonathan, who had died in war. When Mephibosheth came to David, he was expecting to be killed and fell on his face and paid homage to him.

Who is Mephibosheth son in the Bible?


Why did David give everything to Ziba?

Ziba made David believe that his master Mephibosheth willingly remained in the city in the hope that the throne would be restored to him (ii Sam. 16:3). Consequently David transferred all of Mephibosheth’s possessions to Ziba on the spot, as it was customary for kings to do with a rebel’s property.

What does Lodebar mean in the Bible?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Lo-debar. Lo-debar was a town in the Old Testament in Gilead not far from Mahanaim, north of the Jabbok in ancient Israel. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the home of Machir, a contemporary of David.. It is usually believed to be the same as Debir in the Tribe of Gad.

What does lodibar mean in the Bible?

The name Lo-debar in the Bible Lo-debar is the name of a town in the area called Gilead in Manasseh . It’s mentioned twice in the Bible; once as the hiding place of Mephibosheth , the son of Jonathan , the son of Saul (2 Samuel 9:4,5 – spelled לו דבר ), and once as the origin of Machir who supplies David and his people when they are on the run from Absalom (2 Samuel 17:27 – spelled לא דבר ).

What does Lo debar mean?

Lo Debar was such a place. The very meaning is “not having” or “no pasture.” It was a town of forgotten people including Mephibosheth , son of David’s best friend Jonathan who was the son of King Saul . In Lo Debar we would find the lost, unskilled, uneducated outcasts from society.