What is the Meade lxd75?

What is the Meade lxd75?

The Meade LXD75 is in a class of mount known around the various astronomy circles as a Vixen GP clone mount. This class of mounts is known as the Vixen Clone mount because they are all basic copies made in primarily in mainland China of the original Japanese made Vixen Great Polaris GEM.

What is your periodic error on your lxd75?

The periodic error in my LXD75 was running 35 A.S. +/- when I first put it to use prior to tuning it, that is just a little under the average for an LXD75, after the tuning and with good maintenance I average around 20 – 24 A.S. Periodic Error with it.

How do I convert an lxd75ec to Autostar?

The LXD75 mount is supplied with dual axis motors and either a dual axis manual controller (EC models) or Meade’s popular Autostar controller (AT models). An LXD75EC can be converted to Autostar operation by simply replacing the EC controller with a #497 Autostar.

What kind of bearings are in a Lexus lxd75?

The LXD75 has a cast aluminum body, aluminum alloy worm wheel gears, brass worm gears, aluminum declination and Right Ascension main axis shafts, both set in the body with steel sealed ball bearings in the mount at the primary pivot points.

Introduction Meade’s LXD75 is their current medium-duty German equatorial telescope mount. It replaces the LXD55 model and is intended to compete with the Celestron CG5-GT and the Orion Sky View Pro. Copyright (c) 2004 Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

What happened to Meade’s Meade handbox?

Meade has again failed to provide a holder for the handbox, but as always Velcro proved to be the answer to that. What it does This is an equatorial mount; that is, it is designed so that once the RA axis is pointed toward a celestial pole a celestial object can be tracked by operating a single constant-speed motor.

What is the point accuracy of the Meade Plossl at 100x?

Slew rates from sidereal to 4.5 degrees/second are user- Copyright (c) 2004 Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews selectable. Meade specifies the pointing accuracy as being within 15 arcminutes. This will suffice to place objects within the center half of the field of view of a 52 degree Plossl at 100X.