What is the longest drop in ready made curtains?

What is the longest drop in ready made curtains?

Drop: Ready-made curtains are available in three different drops: 137 cm (54 inches), 183 cm (72 inches) or 228 cm (90 inches). Some manufacturers also offer a 274 cm (108 inch) drop; click on this link to view the available designs: Larger Sizes.

What is the longest length of curtains you can buy?

Puddle length: The longest and most formal type of curtains, puddle length typically means 108 inches or more.

What drop are floor length curtains?

Measuring the drop Measure the drop from your curtain pole or track. Sill length curtains should end 1cm above the sill; below sill curtains should reach around 15cm below the sill, and floor length curtains should reach 1cm above the floor.

What is 72 drop curtains in CM?

Measuring Guide

Standard ready made curtain drop in Inches 46″ 72″
Standard ready made curtain drop in Cm 117cm 180cm

What are standard curtain drops?

Most curtain designs come in standard drop sizes of 54”, 72”, 90” and 108” so you may have to round up to the nearest size. For example, if you measure your drop and it is 147cm (58”) in length and you wanted your curtains to sit off the floor you would round this up to the 72” drop curtains.

What Colour of curtains go with GREY walls?

Classic White The most classic colored curtains for dark grey walls are bright white! They really pop out from the grey while also lending into the light and airy feel. What is this? You can hang the curtains from an oil rubbed bronze curtain rod for the farmhouse feel, or try a soft brass for a warm glam look instead.

What’s the longest curtain rod length?

240 inch curtain rod

  • Material: Metal.
  • Rod Diameter: 0.63”

What is the longest curtain rod length?

You can assemble it without a drill. It can adjust to a maximum length of 120 inches and holds up to 25 lbs of weight. This curtain rod for windows has a simple, weathered design made of a durable material and is made with easy installation in mind.

Should curtains touch the floor or window sill?

In formal or dressy rooms, curtains should just touch the floor. A romantic room deserves elegant, extra-long curtains that pool or puddle on the floor. Curtains to the sill, or to the bottom of the window trim (called the apron), look great and are practical in a kitchen.

What drop is 137cm?

Size 117cm (46 inches) wide by 137cm (54 inches) drop. Width refers to one curtain panel before hanging.

How wide should curtains be for 60 inch window?

For example, for a 60-inch window with two curtain panels, add 24 inches to 60 inches (window width) and divide by 2 (number of panels) to get 42 inches. The two panels ordered each need to be at least 42 inches wide.

When buying a pair of curtains What is the width?

Step 1: How to measure curtain width For example, in a pair of curtains 46″ wide x 54″ length, there will be two curtains, each measuring 46″ wide. To calculate the size of curtain you require, the total width of the curtains should be no less than one and a half the width of your window.

How many products are in extra long curtains?

Extra Long Curtains (26 Products) Ready made curtains are the perfect choice if you want a quick, convenient, fuss-free window dressing option. They come ready to hang, straight out of the packet. Our ready made range includes both pencil pleat and eyelet headings so you can choose the style that best suits your needs.

What are the best long curtains for the living room?

If you’re looking to buy long curtains for the living room, long white linen curtains will add a touch of natural simplicity to the space. Long grey curtains will blend well with white walls, hardwood floors and with most furniture.

What are 9090×108 inch curtains?

90×108 Inch Curtains are one of the longest lengths of curtains you can find. They are designed for use on tall window designs and patio doors. Available in a range of fabrics, colours and heading types, these curtains look effortlessly chic and stylish in a number of rooms but are particularly well-suited to living areas.

How do you make a curtain drop more naturally?

This creates a softer, less rigid feel and helps the curtain to drop more naturally. A special treatment hinders the ability for mildew to grow. The reinforced header tape and weighted hem help the curtain to hang neatly in place, and the nickel-plated rings help to prevent rusting.