What is the email address for Ethiopian Airlines?

What is the email address for Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Worldwide Contacts

City: Manama
Mailing address: Ethiopian Airlines P.O. Box 1044, Kingdom of Bahrain
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (973) 17208504
Fax: (973) 17210175

Is Ethiopian Airlines still flying to Toronto?

TORONTO — Ethiopian Airlines Canada has announced the cancellation of select flights between Toronto and Addis Ababa in April.

Can I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines?

You can cancel your flight ticket with Ethiopian Airlines by talking to the airline phone number or at the airport ticket window itself of the Ethiopian airlines. You must inform the airline in advance so that you don’t have to pay a huge cancellation fee.

Is Ethiopian airline safe?

Ethiopian Airlines, the national airline of Ethiopia, has a good safety record. As of March 2019, the Aviation Safety Network records 64 accidents/incidents for Ethiopian Airlines that total 459 fatalities since 1965, plus six accidents for Ethiopian Air Lines, the airline’s former name.

How many hours does it take from Addis Ababa to Canada?

The total flight duration from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Toronto, Canada is 14 hours, 47 minutes.

What terminal does Ethiopian Airlines fly from Toronto?

Ethiopian Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson Airport.

How much is cancelation fee for Ethiopian Airlines?

If you cancel your Ethiopian Airlines flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of your flight, then a fee of $100 to $400 will be charged as a Ethiopian Airlines cancellation fee. You can also make a cancellation request after canceling your flight ticket.

How much does it cost to cancel an Ethiopian flight?

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Fees Ethiopian Airlines charges a cancellation fee of $100 to $500 if you have made the cancellation requests after 24 hours as a risk-free cancellation.

How much does it cost to change a flight date with Ethiopian Airlines?

Routes Change Fee after Free Allowance (per passenger per flight*) Cancel Fee after Free Allowance (per passenger per flight*)
Ethiopia $10 $30
North America $200 $220
Rest of the world $100 $120

What is the rank of Ethiopian Airlines in the world?

Ethiopian is Africa’s largest airline in terms of passengers carried, destinations served, fleet size, and revenue. Ethiopian is also the world’s 4th largest airline by the number of countries served.

What airlines fly into Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Air, Air Namibia & United Airlines fly the most frequently from United States to Ethiopia.

What is the phone number for Ethiopian Airlines?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Ethiopian Airlines USA is: +1-800-445-2733, Fax No: +1 703 572 8738. Ethiopian Airlines is a provider of airline services, owned by the Ethiopian Government.

Where does Ethiopian Airlines fly?

Ethiopian Airlines is international airline for Ethiopia. It started its flights operations in 1946. Airline hub is located at Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport. Ethiopian Airlines flies to 85 International and 18 domestic destinations. Its travels to Europe , Asia, Africa, South America and North America.

What is et airline?

Airline Overview. Ethiopian Airlines (ET) was founded in 1945 and is the nation of Ethiopia’s flag carrier. The airline is completely government owned. It is headquartered in Addis Ababa and operates from a hub at the city’s Bole International Airport (ADD).