What is the difference between 737-700 and 800?

What is the difference between 737-700 and 800?

The 737-700 is stretched by around 2.4 meters, and also offered a convertible cargo option, the 737-700C. The 737-800 is stretched further than the 737-700, making it a good replacement for the 737-400. It takes passenger capacity up to 189.

What is the difference between a 737 and 737-800?

The 737 Max can fly farther and carry more people than the previous generation of 737s, like the 737-800 and 737-900. It also has improved aerodynamics and a redesigned cabin interior and flies on bigger, more powerful and more efficient CFM LEAP engines.

How fast does a 737-700 have to go to take off?

However, a good average speed range is about 160 mph (260 km/h) to 180 mph (290 km/h)….

Aircraft Takeoff Weight Takeoff Speed
Boeing 737 100,000 lb 45,360 kg 150 mph 250 km/h 130 kts
Boeing 757 240,000 lb 108,860 kg 160 mph 260 km/h 140 kts

How far can a Boeing 737 800 fly?

Modifications to the 737-800 airframe include installing a large cargo door, a cargo handling system, and additional accommodations for non-flying crew or passengers. The aircraft is designed to fly up to 1,995 nmi (3,695 km) at a MTOW of 174,100 lb (79,000 kg).

Can a Boeing 737 cross the Atlantic?

Despite newer models of the 737 and A320 families having more than enough range to cross the North Atlantic (and also most of the older models, if they refuel at Gander and\or Shannon along the way; the only one for which this isn’t the case is the 737-100, which would require an additional fuel stop in Keflavik, and …

What is the top speed of a Boeing 747?

614 mph
Boeing 747-400/Top speed

Is the Boeing 737 MAX the same as the 737-700?

The 737 MAX aircraft are not the same as the older 737-700, 737-800 and 737-900 variants. While they share a name, 737s have evolved constantly and enormously from the machines that first flew in the 1960s. Today’s 737s are very different airplanes from those made in the past.

What is the Boeing 737 Next Generation (737NG)?

Boeing 737 Next Generation (737NG) is the overarching name given to a fleet of aircraft that began production in 1991.

How many different types of Boeing 737 planes are there?

There are currently two types of Boeing 737 planes in use around the world that sound similar but are in fact very different aircraft with distinctive technology. The Boeing 737 Max 8, the model involved in the two deadly crashes, is the newer successor to the Boeing 737 Next Generation line of aircraft.

How do I identify a Boeing 737 MAX?

The easiest way to identify a 737 MAX in person, as opposed to the 737-700s, -800s and -900s that make up the bulk of commercial fleets these days, is to look at the engines. The serrated “shark-fin” style engine casing is your first clue that you’re looking at a 737 MAX.