What is the cycling record for Lands End to John O Groats?

What is the cycling record for Lands End to John O Groats?

51 hours
839 miles in 51 hours | What it takes to break the Land’s End to John o’ Groats record. On Friday 30 July at 11.05am Christina Mackenzie set a new record for riding from Land’s End to John o’ Groats – the length of the United Kingdom – in 51 hours, five minutes and 27 seconds.

What is the record for walking from John O Groats to Lands End?

Pairs of hiking boots used: 2

Date Walk Start
20/5/03 South Zeal to Crediton 0905
21/5/03 Crediton to Tiverton 0845
22/5/03 Tiverton to Taunton 0745
23/5/03 Taunton to Street 0750

What is the world record of cycling?

Speed record on a bicycle

Name Year Speed
Bruce Bursford 1996 334.6 km/h (207.9 mph)
Denise Mueller-Korenek 2018 296.009 km/h (183.932 mph)
Fred Rompelberg 1995 268.831 km/h (167.044 mph)
Eric Barone 2017 227.72 km/h (141.50 mph)

How long does it take to cycle Lejog?

How long does it take? For some people their goal is to complete the ride in the shortest time they can, for others it’s simply to finish it. Cycling it in 5 days is not uncommon but the majority of people take anywhere from 10 to 21 days – I took it even slower and rode it in 29 days.

Who owns Lands End in Cornwall?

Heritage Great Britain plc
Figures released by Heritage Great Britain plc, which owns the Land’s End landmark, show an 8% increase in revenue and a 5% increase in visitor numbers across its Heritage Attractions portfolio compared to last year.

What’s the length of England?

From the northern tip of Scotland to the southern coast of England, it is about 600 miles (1,000 km). No part is more than 75 miles (120 km) from the sea.

How many miles can you walk in a day?

While your body is made for walking, the distance you can achieve at an average walking pace of 3.1 miles per hour depends on whether you have trained for it or not. A trained walker can walk a 26.2-mile marathon in eight hours or less, or walk 20 to 30 miles in a day.

How long did it take Ian Botham to walk from Lands End to John O Groats?

He averaged 4mph, walking for 220 hours or nine complete days. The distance is the equivalent of 70,000 cricketing singles.

Who is the fastest biker?

A cyclist who pedalled at a speed of more than 174mph (280km/h) has finally seen his achievement recognised as a Guinness World Record. Neil Campbell, 45, an architect from Essex, broke the men’s cycling speed record in August along a two-mile (3.2km) airstrip in Yorkshire.

Who holds the one hour cycling record?

Belgian Victor Campenaerts
Belgian Victor Campenaerts holds the current Hour record with a distance of 55.089km, set on 16th April 2019 at the Aguascalientes Velodrome, Mexico. Despite Hour record attempts being held in a velodrome, more often than not it’s an exceptional road time-triallist in the saddle.

How many miles a day should I cycle?

However, it is vital to determine your fitness level, health, goal, and the type of bike you are using before hitting that 100-mile ride. As a regular biker or a beginner, 10 miles per day is an ideal distance you should take when biking.

How many miles should I be training per week for LEJOG?

If you cycle 100+ miles per week in the 14-16 weeks leading up to the tour > you should be fit enough to complete LEJOG. This 100 miles should fit around your life and anything that you do beyond this, just makes everything that bit more comfortable.

What is the land’s end to John o’ Groats cycle record?

The current Land’s End John o’ Groats cycle record time (based on speed) is 41 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds. This was set by Andy Wilkinson who rode a Windcheetah recumbent tricycle. One of the newer Land’s End to John o’ Groats records was set by three cyclists on a triplet bicycle.

How long does it take to get to John o’Groats on unicycle?

The attempt was also ratified by the Land’s End John O’Groats Association. The record for the fastest journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats by electric unicycle (male) was broken ten years later by Edd Stone (UK). His journey took 11 days 19 hr 13 min from 21 June 2019 to 3 July 2019, and he raised over £1000 for charity through his attempt.

What is the fastest time to get to John-o-Groats?

Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over. The fastest journey from Land’s End to John-O’-Groats by bicycle (male) is 43 hr 25 min 13 sec, achieved by Michael Broadwith (UK), from 15 June to 17 June 2018.

Who is behind the LEJOG Cycle Route?

In this article we talk to Darren Ball, owner of Pedal Britain, whose 14 day LEJOG cycle route covers 1,000 miles and climbs 55,000ft (almost twice Mount Everest!). Darren has been running this classic ride since 2016. His motivation is to inspire and support cyclists of all abilities to make their cycling dreams a reality.