What is the criteria for life after death?

What is the criteria for life after death?

The following three criteria can be applied in life after death: Acts done without doership, i.e., with the outlook that God Himself is getting it done from me and hence I cannot lay claim to any credit. Done without expectation of acclaim or appreciation. Done without expectation of results.

How to attain a higher level of existence in the afterlife?

To attain a higher plane of existence in the afterlife that is beyond Heaven in the afterlife, one needs to be at a spiritual level higher than 60%. This can only be achieved by consistent spiritual practice according to the six basic laws of spiritual practice along with a major reduction in ego.

What happens to our spiritual growth after death?

Other than Earth, spiritual growth after death is mostly likely to occur only in the regions beyond Heaven such as Maharlok etc. This is because after death in Heaven, the subtle bodies run the risk of getting caught up in the unending pleasures it offers.

What happens to subtle bodies in life after death?

It is important to note that subtle bodies in their life after death at the borderline of just 40% and thereabouts often get pulled back by negative energies and hence remain in the Nether world ( Bhuvarlok ).

What happens after we die book summary?

Based on the eponymous book by New York Times bestselling author Leslie Kean. What happens after we die? This docuseries explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena. 1. Near-Death Experiences

Is after life based on a true story?

Much of the action in After Life is shown as interviews conducted with the recently deceased regarding their lives. Some of these interviews were scripted, but many were done impromptu, with real people (not actors) reminiscing about their own lives.